What we would like to see in Bioshock, the movie that Netflix is ​​preparing

Surely we are not exaggerating too much if we say that in a quick survey of the best games of the last 20 years, bioshock He would be elected practically without a doubt. Its launch in 2007 marked a before and after for many gamers and it quickly caught the attention and aroused the interest of some film studios, who saw in it its enormous potential beyond the PC, PS3 or Xbox 360 screens.

Netflix takes over Bioshock

After many attempts to bring the history of the 2K Games game to the big screen, Netflix has finally taken the bull by the horns and has taken over rights that have been going hand in hand for the last 15 years. Not in vain, at the height of the films of Pirates of the Caribbean, its director, Gore Verbinski, wanted to be responsible for the adaptation, but budget problems derailed any attempt of the North American.

But things did not stop there: in 2012, bioshock returned to the present thanks to another project, this time directed by the Spanish Juan Carlos Fresnadillo but that also failed, suggesting that when choosing how Rapture would adapt to the big screen there were conceptual disagreements between those involved. Probably due to impositions from 2K Games which, as part of Take Two, is one of the video game companies that tends to be stricter with its franchises.

What do we hope to see in the Bioshock movie?

Bioshock is a game that marks when you discover it for the first time, and perhaps that is why fans of the franchise want to fall asleep before its adaptation to the cinema, even if it is within Netflix. That is why the first thing we want to know is Rapture, the submerged city to which the protagonist arrives and which is built on the seabed. A monumental, imposing civilization that captivates from the first moment with its beautiful views that can be enjoyed from practically any corner. Another of the attractions of the film is to check how was the city in its years of splendor, thanks to the little ones flash back who tell us about their social events and the achievements of the engineers who were until then when things were going well before chaos took over its inhabitants.

of course also we want to see in action big daddy With their already recognizable diving suits and protective suits that not only allow them to walk on the bottom of the sea without breathing problems, but thanks to their armored arm they can put an end to any threat that endangers the (already broken) dream of Rapture and Andrew Ryan. Of course, we also want to see those scary Little Sisters who are collecting, syringe in hand, ADAM by Rapture of the bodies of the few that are still alive or badly wounded among the ruins.

And of course we want to know how will be the evolution of Jack, the protagonist, throughout history, as he supplies plasmids to his body to gain powers and resistances with which to face all dangers (Splicers included) hiding in a place that was once the most advanced civilization in the world. Remember that bioshock It is, precisely, the story of a project of a perfect society that fails miserably and in which coincidences are not so coincidental when we reach the end of its argument… so we hope that that suspense and that atmosphere of terror and science fiction will remain. well captured on the big screen.

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