what will happen to the ArrowVerse?

CW is on the market. According to The Wall Street Journal, ViacomCBS and WarnerMedia are considering selling the TV channel. What future for the DC productions that are broadcast there?

Wednesday, The Wall Street Journal announced that Viacom CBS and Warner Media were considering getting rid of CW. After 16 years in these assets, the television channel is therefore looking for a buyer, and several companies in the sector have already shown their interest.

The chain has never been a gold mine for the two companies, which mainly derived their profits from the various international distribution agreements. It is particularly Netflix which reported big to CW, until 2019 before the start of HBO Max and Paramount +. But now, while this deal is over, the two companies would like to get rid of the baby.

For now, the two companies have not communicated on the subject. A memo was nevertheless sent to the employees of the chain. “It is too early to speculate on what might happen. (…) We need to keep doing what we do best, making CW as successful and vibrant as it always has been. ”

What future for the Arrow Verse?

Initiated in 2012 with Arrow, the connected universe of DC superheroes at CW made babies. More or less popular, series of the genre have been numerous, starting with The Flash and Supegirl. But ten years later, some have already bowed out as is the case for Arrow, The Flash and now Supergirl.

There are currently only Batwoman and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow to ensure the spectacle. This sale, if it is carried out, therefore comes at a pivotal moment for the Arrow Verse, which will undoubtedly have to find a new way of existing.

Already on HBO Max, where Warner Bros. is developing a film centered on the character of Batgirl. The new platform also broadcasts Superman & Lois, also available on CW and which has met with some success in the United States and France. But in the future, the channel may well have to do without it if Warner Bros. decides to jealously guard it for its SVOD offering.

It’s still too early to determine what the future holds for all CW productions. However, we will closely follow the evolution of the situation, as DC plans to expand its cinematographic universe on the small screen with series drawn from the intrigues of The batman.

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