What will the next iPad Pro look like? Screen, battery, processor …

The first, on what dates could it be launched?

Based on the forecasts of analysts such as Ming-Chi Kuo and the history that Apple brings with these devices, it is more than presumable that it is between March and May 2022 when the new versions of iPad Pro are released. In fact it is April, just the middle one, the one with the most probabilities. Now, the company will have to play with a very important factor against it, such as the component sector crisis, which is already hitting a good part of its range of products and, despite the fact that by that time it will have improved, the outlook will continue to be somewhat uncertain.

iPad Pro (2021)

There is talk of a possible redesign

The 2018 iPad Pro were the most revolutionary to date in this area, being the first to eliminate the Home button and reduce the front bezels considerably to give the screen all the prominence. This, added to the flat edges of its sides, has been maintained throughout the range, even reaching the ‘Air’ and ‘mini’ models.

According to prolific Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman, next year’s ‘Pro’ models will bring a new design, although not specific if it would be complete, partial or which areas of its form factor it would affect. Therefore, it is something that, although it cannot be classified as doubtful, does leave too many unknowns that must be resolved in the coming months.

M2 chip, 11-inch miniLED and something else?

The devices in this range launched in 2021 set a precedent by incorporating a Mac chip for the first time, the M1. This, in addition to providing more RAM to the iPad Pro, makes them practically unmatched in performance to any other competitor. And since the MacBook Air could be renewed on similar dates incorporating the M2 chip, it is more than likely that these teams will again incorporate said chip, since otherwise it would be a rather strange step backwards.

chip m2

And although it is not mentioned directly in the rumology, an improvement of the chip would also be accompanied by a better battery management, because despite the fact that these iPads perform well in autonomy, an improvement is always appreciable.

One of the main novelties would be the miniLED display It happens to be present in the 11-inch model and not only in the 12.9 as it has happened this year. This would mean, now, an important difference between this device and the iPad Air, of which a very similar user experience is perceived in many areas due to their tremendous similarity.

Although what most interests an important sector of users is the OS, something that in the end is not linked only to this range, even if it is the one that can be squeezed the most. While it is true that developers must also push in this area, a step forward is expected from Apple by making applications such as compatible Final Cut Pro or Logic Pro, in addition to allowing use with external monitors with adapted interface that you can take advantage of the panoramic format of these monitors instead of having those black stripes on the sides that are so unnatural.

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