What will we see today at WWDC?

The day has come, and there are barely a few hours left before the 2022 developer conference begins. An event that will mark everything that comes in the coming months and that will allow us to learn about the new functions that the operating systems of the different Cupertino company products. For this reason, in this post we give you a brief review of everything that we can see in this WWDC.

New operating systems

Whenever an Apple event is coming up, rumors There are many about what the Cupertino company will present, however, if there is one thing for sure, it is that in this keynote we will have, at the very least, the new version of all operating systems. In fact, this will be the great bulk of the entire presentation, since depending on the news that there is, the time dedicated to each one of them will be greater or less.

WWDC 2022

In iOS 16 A great revolution is not really expected in terms of what already exists within iOS 15, but it is always interesting to see what are those small functions that Apple introduces to continue improving the user experience offered by the iPhone. Among these possible novelties we have the incorporation of interactive widgets or even the incorporation within the iPhone of the always-on screen, something that is already present in the Apple Watch. No big changes are expected on this device as a result of watch OS 9beyond an improvement in performance and new spheres.

Where it does seem that there will be important changes, and it really needs it, is in iPad OS 16, which could be a new starting point for all those users who want to use the iPad as if it were a computer. Lastly, both in macOS like in tvOS No big changes are expected beyond continuing to polish two operating systems that already offer very good performance and experience.

iPad Air + display

But beware, according to the latest rumors, there could be a big surprise in the form of a new operating system, and it seems that realityOS It could be a reality in this WWDC that takes place in just a few hours. In this way Apple would finally enter the world of augmented reality or virtual reality, being able to accompany the presentation of this new operating system, with the presentation of Apple glasses, although we will talk about it just below.

Will there be a new product at WWDC?

The usual thing in these developer conferences is that Apple does not present any new product, since the company’s objective is to focus on the software of its devices. However, as is often said, when the river sounds, water carries, and in recent weeks there have been many and intense rumors indicating that Apple’s plans for this keynote went through also introduce a new product.

On the table there are several candidates. In the first place, and it is the one that has gained the most strength in recent days, the new MacBook Air could be in charge of surprising us all with its new colors and design. On the other hand, the possible presentation of the Mac Pro or iMac Pro It also haunts the surroundings of Apple Park, although it is a rumor that has been losing strength over time. Finally, and accompanying the possibility of seeing that realityOS, apple glasses It is another of the products that the Cupertino company could have prepared for us this afternoon. Be that as it may, there is nothing left to clear up doubts, and here, at La Manzana Mordida, we will tell you everything.

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