What would The Avengers be like with actors from the 90s?

The Avengers and the entire universe of Marvel superheroes have changed (we don’t know if forever) the history of cinema. Not so much because we are facing authentic masterpieces, but because of the habits of the spectators and, above all, because of the way stories are dealt with right now and the plot arcs that extend over dozens of films differentiated by different phases. Right now, we are already going through the fourth, with the adventures of Dr. Strange at the gates of his particular Multiverse.

The fact is that after the success of The Avengers and his final appearance in the celebrated end game, many fans with nostalgia for the 90s of the last century have begun to imagine what the casting of all those movies would be like with the actors and actresses who ruled the box offices of those years. And the truth is that the list of applicants is so long and well known It wouldn’t hurt to take a look at it either. Attention!

Tom Cruise as Iron Man and much more

It is, without a doubt, the most real name of all because it has been recognized by the producers of the first Iron Man movie that the one from Syracuse was in the pools to play Tony Stark. Moreover, some theories place him playing the role of the iron man in the next Mr. Strange movie, where some have come to see him in the trailer that was released last February. Be that as it may, the cast of the 90s does not end with him.

Brad Pitt, for example, would play Captain America in that nineties version of The Avengers, like Eddie Murphy would be Falcon, Alicia Silverstone The Scarlet Witch or Christian Slater and Mathew Broderick Hawkeye and Ant-Man, respectively. A younger Leonardo de Caprio (titanesque) would put on the skin of Spider-Man, Denzel Washington would be Black Panther and Mila Jovovich, that of The fifth elementwould emulate Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow.

Casting of The Avengers in the 90s.

Vision would be in charge of Ethan Hawke just as Cuba Gooding Jr. would dare to be the War Machine that always accompanies Iron Man. In the third row we entered very nineties names, such as those of Dolph Lundgren, who would be the God of Thunder, Thorwhile David Duchovny, the one from X Files, would dare with Bruce Banner and Hulk. The always controversial Keanu Reeves would dare with Dr. Strange and Keith David with Nick Fury while Loki would be in charge of the great Gary Oldman. And Ron Perlman? Well, a fairly consistent Thanos that remains to be seen if the media of the time would digitize him like our beloved Josh Brolin.

left for the end Starlord, with a Brendan Fraser that fits like a glove, or Halle Berry in the role of Gamora, Demi Moore as Nebula, Joe Pesci being funny as Rocket and the undaunted Arnold Schwarzenegger making a face of not giving one with Drax. For the end, the Wynona Ryder of the 90s playing Mantis in some Guardians of the Galaxy that, of course, would not be so far from the current ones. Or maybe you think so?

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