What you can not miss this intense week on Netflix, HBO and Amazon

New releases on Netflix

Tuesday, August 31

We jump directly to Tuesday to find the latest releases of the month of August. Tomorrow we will have the arrival of season 4 of Good girls as well as the download of the entire 7 seasons of the famous Spanish youth series Physics or chemistry. Two other national proposals are also added to the list as they are The intership (also with its 7 seasons) and Boat (all 3 seasons).

Do you like the mute of order and minimalism? Are you a fan of Marie Kondo? Then you can’t miss his new reality show Be happy with Marie Kondo! in which he helps other people with his infallible method.

Wednesday September 1

September starts and does so with endless proposals. The equator of the week will thus be starred by the arrival of new series such as the Chilean The carcamales, japanese anime Gantz and the mysterious and of Scandinavian origin Trapped -trailer under these lines. Season 3 of the anime Kuroko no basket also arrives on Wednesday and the reality show How to be a cowboy (about an American and his passion for rodeo).

As for movies, these are the titles that you will be able to see from day 1:

  • Fifty Shades Freed (third part of the Fifty Shades saga)
  • Monk Comes Down the Mountain (Asian based on a novel)
  • Killer under the bed (youthful terror)
  • Admission process (romantic comedy)
  • Sniper: Hidden Fire (warlike)
  • The good times (Cemetery Junction)
  • The Guru (romantic comedy)
  • Operation escape (childish)
  • Elizabethtown (romantic meal with Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst)
  • Seven days to noon (Ultimatum)
  • The farmer’s wife (classic romantic comedy)
  • Night races (horror movie)
  • Le complexe du kangourou (French comedy)
  • The good girls (classic French drama)

If you are interested in documentaries, you also have two proposals for Wednesday. On the one hand, Turning points: 9/11 and the war on terror, in which a review is made from the origins of Al Qaeda in the 80s to the current situation; for another, Chariots of battle, power and history in the World Wars, where they talk about the vehicles that changed the war forever.

Thursday September 2

Watch out for this Thursday’s proposal with Queer command, an adult animation series about a gay superspy and his LGBTQ squad.

You can also enjoy the romantic movie The party from beyond while the little ones do the same with Barbie and Chelsea: The Missing Birthday.

Friday September 3

Friday will be the last premiere day of the week on Netflix, but what a Friday! And it is that the fifth season of The Money Heist, one of the most important and successful series on the platform. In this way we will enjoy Part 1 (2 will arrive in December), in which we will see how things continue to go for our beloved group of “criminals” within the Bank of Spain and for the professor after being discovered by Alicia.

The youth series also premieres Diving club and the child Tibucan about a protagonist half shark, half dog.

Do you prefer movies for the weekend? So sign up these movies: Ted Bundy and the Green River Killer and Containment (About strangers forced to be quarantined in an apartment).

HBO Premieres of the Week

Monday August 30

We continue with Rick and morty rest, so today Monday you have to settle for episode 25 of season 19 of Real Time with Bill Maher and with the second chapter of New York, epicenter of 9/11 and a pandemic.

Tuesday, August 31

The Roswell, New Mexico series continues its course with episode 6 of season 3, as well as Legends of Tomorrow and The Godfather of Harlem (last episode). You can also follow Britannia, with episode 2 of season 3.

Wednesday September 1

Supergirl and Stargirl They premiere chapters with 9 of season 6 and 4 of season 2, respectively. Also that day you will be able to see the fantasy and science fiction film Airbender, the last warrioras well as comedy A travel riot, the famous trilogy of Men in Black and The Truman Show.

Friday September 3

Came back What we do in the shadows with season 3 (you will be able to see the first two episodes). You can also enjoy resident Evil.

Saturday September 4

If you’ve never seen the movies of Hangover in Las Vegas, your time is Saturday, when they will all be available on HBO.

Releases on Amazon Prime Video

Wednesday September 1

On Wednesday you can laugh with the French comedy Brutus vs Caesar, where we will return to ancient Rome … with certain historical licenses.

Friday September 3

On Friday you can enjoy the new musical version of the famous tale of Cinderella. with Camila Cabello and Billy Porter as protagonists.

Sunday September 5

You can end the week with the sixth season of Fear the walking dead, which hits Amazon Prime Video on Sunday. If you are a follower of the zombie series, 16 new episodes arrive to entertain you with its story.

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