What’s coming on Apple TV +! To open mouth, Servant is back

This has not been another week on Apple TV +, since the platform has announced future premieres and the release of trailers for very promising series and movies. And as if that were not enough, the return of Servant has already taken place today with what is now its third season. We review right here all the news of the platform so that you do not lose detail.

Servant and Los Fraguel dress up today

The Apple series created by M. Night Shyamalan has already issued the first episode of its third season to which a new one will be happening every week until reaching 10. Under the title of “Donkey” and set 3 months after the end of the second season, Servant returns with more mystery and suspense than ever with the Turner family and Leanne as main characters. involved.

And since the classics never die, The Fraguelshave released another new series on the platform and for this the 13 chapters of which, at the moment, is his first and only season. With 30 minutes per episode, the little ones in the house have entertainment for a while. And also the older ones who remember this classic with nostalgia…

New miniseries with Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway

The Oscar winners will premiere on Apple TV + next March 18th with the new miniseries WeCrashed. It is based on a popular podcast of the same name and centers its story on a company that went from being a simple coworking space to a mega company valued at almost 50 billion dollars in just 10 years and that is gradually losing its value. Like the podcast, it’s all based on real events. At the moment, we can only see a preview.

Heaven is… on Apple TV+

Is named The sky is anywhere and it is a new movie of Apple TV + in collaboration with the study A24. It will hit the platform next February 11th and although it has a lot of drama, it could be considered a romantic comedy. Everything revolves around Lennie Walker, a 17-year-old girl who tries to get over the loss of her older sister with the new hottie in school, Joe Fontaine. However, Toby, who was his sister’s boyfriend, will not make things easy.

The platform’s release schedule

As we always say, the announcements on Apple TV + are unpredictable and surely new ones will be confirmed in the coming days and weeks. For now, this is the schedule for the coming months:

  • Next Friday (January 28): The Afterparty (new series)
  • February 4: Suspects (new series)
  • February 11th: Heaven is anywhere (new movie)
  • 18th of February: Separation (new series)
  • March 11th: The Last Days of Ptolemy Gray (new miniseries)
  • March 18th: WeCrashed (new miniseries)

One more thing…

If you like to be informed about Apple TV + news, you will be interested to know that in La Manzana Mordida we do a weekly podcast dedicated to the platform. And all this from the usual feed of our daily podcast in which from Monday to Thursday we review everything about the world of Apple and the Friday We dedicate it to analyzing the news of Apple TV + and to making reviews of its contents. This week, in addition to reviewing the premieres, a few minutes have been dedicated to talking about the film El Canto del Cisne.

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