What’s included (and what’s not) with your Apple TV + subscription

If you are thinking of subscribing to Apple TV + or have done it very recently, it is normal that doubts appear about what it includes. And, no matter how intuitive other Apple apps are, the one on this platform sins of being imprecise in this sense and it is difficult to differentiate the content of the platform with the one that is not.

What does come to you on Apple TV +

Either through one of the Apple One packages, in the individual subscription of 4.99 euros per month or the annual one of 49.99 euros, Apple TV + includes only one subscription to, worth the redundancy, Apple TV +. It seems very obvious, but given the confusion generated by its unintuitive application, it should be explained.

Apple, in collaboration with other audiovisual production companies, offers exclusive content that cannot be enjoyed on other platforms. As much series as films and documentaries that come under the own seal of the block. From award-winning comedies such as Ted Lasso, to impressive docuseries such as Micromundos, through productions of great height at an artistic level and of visual quality such as The Morning Show, See or Fundación. We have a post compiling the entire Apple TV + catalog that we recommend you visit to see more details.

All this content can be enjoyed at any time and from any Apple device or Smart TV that includes the app. Every week new chapters of series or new programs are released and, despite being still scarce compared to other platforms, it is growing more and more. And considering that they cannot be seen with other services, Apple TV + is the only way to enjoy them.

What the subscription does not include

We are now going into what is most outstanding in the end of this question in view of the confusion it generates. You have probably seen that the Apple TV app shows content from other platforms like Disney +, HBO Max or ATRESplayer, but this does not mean that by paying the subscription to Apple TV + you have the right to see them.

What this application allows is to group the content of some platforms such as those mentioned to be able to have everything in one place. Therefore, you will have to have a subscription to these other services to be able to view them from Apple TV. The good thing in this sense is that you will not need to have signed up for Apple TV +, since that option to include more platforms is free.

Also not included rental or purchase movies that are intermixed between all the content of Apple TV + and the rest of the platforms. These, in addition to not being owned by Apple, require an additional payment that is independent of the subscriptions you have.

Therefore, and by way of conclusion, if you don’t want to get confused You must go to the “tv +” tab that is in the application and that way you will be making sure that only the content of the company’s streaming platform appears there, without intermingling with that of other platforms and without that confusing video store of movies that the application has and that comes from the now defunct iTunes.

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