What’s included with iCloud on iPhones, iPads, and Macs?

With the purchase of an iPhone, iPad or Mac, the Cupertino company gives all users up to 5 GB of free storage in iCloud. However, many people do not know what they can use this storage space for and what are the options that Apple includes in this case. Well, in this post we tell you everything you can do with these free 5 GB.

Free iCloud, this is what it offers

Before fully entering the options that Apple includes so that you can make use of them with those 5 GB, you have to know, and we place special emphasis on it again, that this storage space is completely free, that is, that it does not you will have to pay absolutely nothing to use it. Once you are clear about this, Apple treats all users who have iCloud storage equally, that is, regardless of whether you only have the 5 GB free or contract a larger storage plan, the distribution of this space is the same, that is, you can decide to use it freely without any type of restriction. Below we leave you all the existing options.

  • Integration with all devices. Obviously iCloud is available and adapted to all devices that have the apple logo so that, in any of them, users can take advantage of all the advantages of using this cloud storage system. It also presents the opportunity to customize the settings of each of the accounts, in this way everyone can adapt the use of this space to their needs.

  • Save all your information. iCloud storage is the perfect option to be able to store all the information you want, be it documents, photos, videos or files of any kind. In addition, you will have the peace of mind that this storage is safe, since it is fully protected. All data stored in iCloud is encrypted, with two-factor authentication only your trusted devices can access your information.
  • Have your information always updated. Obviously, all the devices in which you have your iCloud account activated will be able to access the information that you upload with the rest of the equipment. This favors that you can access everything you save in iCloud from your iPhone, iPad, Mac or any other device of the Cupertino company.


  • Share with your family and friends. All the information you save in iCloud can be shared with as many people as you want. You will be in charge of deciding who can see your content and also who can edit it. In addition, the moment a collaborator edits a content, the rest will be able to see it updated in real time.

This is what Apple allows you to do with the space you have available in iCloud. As we mentioned, initially all users have a lifetime account with 5 GB free. This is a good way for each person to experience the advantages and assess whether it is really worth purchasing a payment plan with more storage. From The Bitten Apple is the system we recommend using if you have a good Apple ecosystem, since synchronization between all devices and content is perfect.

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