What’s new in iOS 15.2 for iPhone, coming next week

Despite having been off in Spain for the holidays, Apple based in the United States has not ceased its activity and last Tuesday launched the versions RC (latest developer betas) from iOS 15.2, iPadOS 15.2, watchOS 8.3, macOS 12.1, and tvOS 15.2. This predicts an imminent release of the final versions for the general public.

And first of all, we have indeed said watchOS 8.3 and not watchOS 8.2. Surprisingly, the Cupertino company has skipped a version and we will go from versions 8.1 to 8.3, something that strange as it may seem, is not new. And it is that already in previous years we have seen Apple launch versions later than those that in theory should come if they followed a strict numerical order.

Is it known what exact day they will be released?

No. You can speculate a lot and in fact it is more than likely that it could be tuesday, just 7 days after the aforementioned RC versions. However it has not been officially confirmed, so it could be Monday, Wednesday and even Thursday. By proxy, they might not even be released next week, but that would be a major surprise, since there has never been more than a week between the launch of a final beta and the official version to the public.

Main news you will find

They will not be very revolutionary versions, but they will bring some very relevant news. This is the case of the definitive launch of Apple Music Voice Plan, Apple’s new music platform service that was announced at the September event.

Focusing already on what new from iOS 15.2 and iPadOS 15.2, the most relevant news are these:

  • Arrival of Digital Legacy with which to choose a contact who would inherit access to data such as photos, notes or reminders, but not passwords.
  • Privacy Report of the applications, showing to what extent they are accessing elements such as the microphone, camera or location.
  • On Apple MusicIn addition to the new plan, small new features are integrated, such as a search engine within the playlists.
  • There are changes in the notifications summary after exiting a concentration mode, showing a more minimalist look.
  • The Apple TV app now better separates Apple TV + content from other platforms and rental movies, as well as changing the menu position in the iPad app.
  • Reminders It now allows you to rename labels and delete several or all at the same time.
  • In the Search app Notifications are added if the user carries an AirTag that is not theirs, thus preventing the accessory from being used for tracking.

On macOS 12.1 there is not much news beyond the arrival of SharePlay, the new FaceTime functionality present in other operating systems and that allows screen sharing, as well as simultaneously viewing multimedia content on platforms such as Apple TV +, HBO Max, Twitch or Apple Music.

Regarding watchOS 8.3 and tvOS 15.2 we find little change beyond bug fixes that have been reported so far.

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