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Just a few hours ago the presentation keynote for the week of the WWDC 22. And how could it be otherwise, Apple has introduced this year’s new software for Macs: macOS Ventura.

A new version (number 13) of the operating system for Apple computers loaded with very interesting new features. Let’s see what Craig Federighi has explained regarding the new macOS Ventura.

This afternoon was presented version number 13 of the Mac software: macOS Ventura. A new macOS that will have the usual timing of each year: Today the first beta for developers has been presented and released, over the next few months the successive betas will be released for them, and in the fall the final version will be available for all users. Let’s see the main novelties that it brings

Stage Manager

Mac users tend to work on multiple applications and files simultaneously, leading to many windows open at times. You can use Mission Control to order your windows, but sometimes it’s still a problem to find the one you need in a quick way. The new Stage Manager It will help you control that “chaos” that you may have with many windows open.

Stage Manager can be activated in the Control center and places the active window in the center of the screen, with a series of thumbnails of the other windows arranged in a vertical row to one side. Clicking a thumbnail moves the open window to the thumbnail row, and the window you clicked takes center stage.

If you have a window group that go together for a given task you’re working on, you can drag the thumbnails to the center of the screen and create a grouping. You can also drag files from the desktop onto an app thumbnail to open them in that particular app.

Stage Manager

With Stage Manager you will be able to better control the open windows.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

The iCloud Shared Photo Library is another of the novelties that Apple is introducing in macOS Ventura. Now you can create a photo library and share it with up to six family members to create a shared collection of photos.

Members of that family can choose which photos and videos to add to the collection, decide to share all the photos and videos they take, and edit and delete items. The Photos app will make suggestions about which photos to add to a collection based on the members of a group.

Use your iPhone camera with Mac

Apple knows perfectly well that the weak point of Macs is their front camera. To reduce its size to the bare minimum, you must also sacrifice its image quality. to counter it, with macOS Ventura gives you the option to use your iPhone cameras. But to use this feature, you need an iPhone 11 or later running iOS 16.

The Continuity Camera is like the universal remote, in that you can mount an iPhone on your Mac’s screen, with a special mount, and macOS Ventura automatically detects the device and connects wirelessly to it. Then you can use the iPhone’s powerful camera in face time and other apps that support that feature.

Studio Light it has features like Center Stage (which keeps you in the center of the picture) and Portrait mode. Also, Studio Light uses the iPhone’s flash to provide better lighting, and the new desktop view creates a two-shot view, one of the person and one of the top of the desk in front of the Mac. Studio Light requires an iPhone 12 or later with iOS 16.

Studio Light

With Studio Light you can use the cameras of your iPhone on the Mac.

Access keys in Safari

passkeys is a Safari feature that basically allows you to use Touch ID instead of a password for a website. A unique digital key is created for the specific site you want to access, and when you want to log in, the saved key is sent to the web and authenticates you using Touch ID on a Mac or Face ID on an iPhone or iPad.

According to Apple, these keys cannot be hacked, since they are not stored on any server. remain stored on the devicefor more security.

Those from Cupertino have also explained that they are working with the Alianza FIDO to make sure the passkeys work on non-Apple devices. (More specifically, Passkey Apple’s implementation of the FIDO passwordless authentication standard.)

Spotlight enhancements

spot light, the built-in search for macOS, has a refined interface to be more consistent across your platforms. Now it’s time to update, with very interesting new features.

Quick Look, the feature that provides a great preview of an image, finally works in Spotlight so you can browse media in your Photos library. Spotlight will also support existing Live Text, allowing users to search for text in an image. Actions are now supported within Spotlight, so you can use Spotlight to start a timer, run a shortcut, or create a document.

These are the main novelties that have been explained to us this afternoon Tim Cook and your team. but surely there are many more that developers will discover little by little as they test the first betas of macOS Ventura. We will be pending.

Triple-A Games

resident Evil

Capcom has unveiled its Resident Evil Village for macOS.

With the appearance of the M1 and now the M2 processors, the graphics power of Macs has increased considerably, and Apple wants to enhance it and offer quality and a unique gaming experience for users who like to play. And to help video game developers, it has launched a new version of its game programming platform. high performance graphics.

The new version of Metal 3 offers developers the opportunity to reach an impressive level of quality in video games with more realism and more detailed textures. As proof of this, Capcom is about to release its next game for macOS, Resident Evil: Village.


Apple has also specified which devices will be compatible with the new macOS 13 Ventura: iMac 2017 onwards, Mac Pro 2019 onwards, iMac Pro 2017 onwards, Mac mini 2018 onwards, MacBook Air 2018 onwards, MacBook 2017 onwards and MacBook Pro 2017. and successive.

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