What’s new in Nvidia’s new IA Enterprise update

Nvidia’s IA Enterprise has released a new update that adds features that will make this tool even more useful and practical for businesses. A business software that is also open to the general public with its version Nvidia AI Enterprise 2.1. What awaits organizations when they try it?

Includes additional support for Red Hat OpenShift

Nvidia’s new update sought to expand compatibility and, therefore, has increased the additional support of Red Hat OpenShift to present a platform that offer scalability to companies. This increases the value of IA Enterprise, a software that many organizations were already working with and that will now be able to provide them with a much more flexible space.

With this news about Red Hat OpenShift, Nvidia wanted to offer the option of implement in teams that do not have a certified operating system that works in conjunction with Red Hat OpenShift. An option that many organizations will surely embrace because it will be extremely useful to them.

VMWare vSphere Enhancement

In the Nvidia IA Enterprise 2.1 release, improvements have been made to the implementation of VMWare vSphere in this software. Now, it can be run with Tanzu contributing to a simplified and much more efficient management of a company’s infrastructure. Likewise, IA Enterprise compatibility has increased as it works with VMWare Cloud Director and TAO Toolkit.

Working with GPU-accelerated services is possible in a simple way for companies that need to rely on this software. If until now it worked very well for you, with these new updates you will find a series of changes that will help you get the most out of this resource.

Increase your list of systems certified by Nvidia

Another curiosity of Nvidia’s new IA Enterprise update is that it increases its list of certificate systems. The goal of this is to get reach all companies, be they small or large. The list of integrators in this system continues to grow and it is thanks to this that very interesting solutions can be offered for the best future versions of this software.

An example of new systems certified by Nvidia would be CISCO USC to provide improvements in cloud storage where companies will need the maximum possible space to house their data. Likewise, virtualization and high performance will be outstanding aspects of this type of certificate system. But, given the growing list, there are still plenty of surprises to discover.

For example, Nvidia’s own website clarifies those certificates in relation to the cloud that are already active for AWS, Azure and GCP. Here we will not go into the specific specifications, but it is also something outstanding that we could not overlook. Since IA Enterprise has now gained ground.

Developing Workloads on GPUs

All the innovations explained above have a purpose that has been the goal of Nvidia’s IA Enterprise from the beginning. Being able to drive mixed workloads with the GPU that offers a optimum performance, even when multiple workloads are running at the same time, is vital for businesses of all sizes. Undoubtedly, he is fulfilling his mission by far.

Nvidia’s IA Enterprise promises with these interesting developments changes in the way of proceeding of the companies that are provided with facilities with all these very positive modifications. Its new version 2.1., will begin to be more present in large and small organizations. A totally achievable goal.

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