What’s the best fan to cool off this summer? Our guide

Is the weather finally nice and warm throughout France? In 2021, the summer generalized throughout the country was long overdue, but it is now well and truly there. We have selected and tested three fans so that you can spend the summer with a gentle cool wind.

In short

As summer 2021 approaches, heat waves are making headlines again – sometimes causing disasters, in Canada or Europe. In France, the heat was relative over the northern half of the country in the first part of the year, but it did indeed arrive throughout the country in mid-July. If it is impossible to predict the trend for the whole summer, the idea that we are experiencing increasingly hot summers is no longer to be questioned. The opportunity to anticipate your fan purchase before prices soar and stocks are at their lowest.

It should also be remembered that heat has many effects on the body, and it is advisable to adopt good practices to avoid “heatstroke”: hydrate, eat light and avoid going out every hour the hottest are in particular health measures to be constantly reminded, especially to the most fragile people.

It is possible to invest in an auxiliary air conditioner to lower the temperature, but the fan is a more practical, less expensive and more ecological solution. We have selected and tested three to help you choose from the hundreds of more or less good references on the market.

The “No Brainer”: Rowenta Turbo Silence Extrême

Rowenta Turbo Silence Extrême // Source: Jérôme Durel for Numerama

Are you hot, just want a good fan that will arrive quickly without complicating your life? Buy the Rowenta Turbo Silence Extreme. It is usually offered around 120 euros, but is often on sale below the 100 € mark.

As its name suggests, the best seller by Rowenta emphasizes silence. During the day it is discreet, even barely audible if there is a little noise around you. At night, it has a silent mode which lowers the volume to 45 dB. Not inaudible, but low enough not to be annoying, especially since the purring is regular.

If you need a big blow of air, it is also equipped with a function “turbo boost” to flow 80 m3 per minute initially, a power that decreases every quarter of an hour. Rather pleasant on the way home after suffocating in the metro. There is a programmable timer for 1h, 2h, 4h or 8h and we appreciate its modern, but discreet design. The object exudes robustness. We just regret that the remote control is delivered without a battery.

In addition to the 2-year warranty, Rowenta provides 10-year repairability by retaining the parts.

Positioned on their foot about 1.5 meters high, the wide 40 cm blades will effectively ventilate a bedroom, a small living room or 4 offices of a open space. We tested the free-standing version, but another, simpler, “desktop” model is available for 34 euros. These are the fans that equip our editorial staff.

In short

  • Quiet, ideal for falling asleep
  • All the essential functions and some bonuses
  • Robustness and quality

Refresh and Purify: Dyson PureCool Me

The Dyson PureCool Me // Source: Jérôme Durel for Numerama

Dyson has been offering fans for years now, and it is even thanks to them that the brand has acquired its reputation – in addition to vacuum cleaners. As we know, British fans are treasures of technology and design. This does not change with the latest from the British brand: the PureCool Me, launched at 349 euros, but recently increased to 299 €. A steep price, but less than the rest of Dyson’s line of purifiers.

It obviously exudes quality and the ultramodern design we’ve been used to is still there. That being said, the object still contrasts with the aesthetic canons of the manufacturer. Gone is the “bladeless” design of the other products, the blades are here hidden in a kind of geode from which the air escapes.

Survive global warming and pollution

It is this rounded style that allows the firm to create what it calls “Core Flow”. To put it simply, it is about precisely directing the air flows in one direction. This is where the “me” comes from. The object was indeed thought of as a personal fan or almost (there is still a 70 ° oscillation function, but do not really plan to cover two people two desks apart with it). It is readily placed on a desk, but also on the ground since you can direct the air upwards or horizontally.

The Pure Cool Me is not just a fan, it is also an air purifier. It filters 99.95% of particles depending on the company: dust, allergens, and even viruses. In use, we must admit that it has – a little – reduced our allergic symptoms and this is a real argument for those who suffer from hay fever. The integrated LCD screen shows you the operating power and the status of the filter, but we regret all the same that it does not give an indication of the air quality unlike other Dyson models.

In short

  • Brews and purifies the air
  • Dyson quality and design
  • Personal airflow

The Dyson Pure Cool Me is available at 299 euros at Boulanger.

USB fan: AngLink USB

The AngLink USB fan // Source: Jérôme Durel for Numerama

Fancy an extra breeze in front of your computer? Buy a small USB fan. We found the AngLink branded one for less than 30 euros on Amazon and we weren’t disappointed. Basic, but infinitely superior to many USB fans that abound in the dark and less dark corners of commercial sites.

You can put it on your desk, but it’s more fun to hang it on pretty much whatever you want with its clip that doubles as a stand. The place that naturally comes to mind is the top of your computer screen, provided it’s not too thick – the clamp doesn’t have a huge amount of amplitude. It is then sufficient to orient it as desired since it rotates 360 °.

This new version released for the 2020 season and still relevant in 2021 is sold with a 5000 mAh rechargeable battery which allows it to operate for 30 hours depending on the brand. This seems overestimated to us since last year’s model with its 2200 mAh battery did not exceed 2 hours of operation. It plugs in or recharges via a MicroUSB cable.

In short

  • A small, simple and efficient USB fan
  • The clamp can be practical
  • Battery operated

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