WhatsApp: a bug crashes the app on some iPhones

WhatsApp is the victim of a major bug. On some iPhones, the instant messaging app has crashed completely for a few hours. Yet WhatsApp hasn’t rolled out any updates recently. The problem would come directly from the servers of Meta (ex-Facebook), the parent company of the messaging.

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As our colleagues at 9to5Mac report, the WhatsApp iOS application suffers from a serious malfunction. According to numerous testimonials that have appeared on the web, WhatsApp on iPhone crashes a few seconds after the user has launched the application. We encountered this bug on several terminals available to us. The bug is intermittent on some units: the app sometimes launches correctly.

Under these conditions, users are not able to access their messages or contacts. Obviously, this dysfunction concerns of resident users all over the world. The information was notably relayed by Indian and American media.

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WhatsApp on iPhone is the victim of a serious bug

Likewise, the bug does not appear not limited to certain versions of iOS. The issue has appeared on phones that have installed the latest operating system update, like iOS 15.2, or older iterations, like iOS 14 or iOS 15.1. Note that the bug affects both the standard version of the app and the Business version, the app for small business owners.

Yet it seems thatno WhatsApp update has been deployed recently. The WhatsApp page on the App Store does not mention any new firmware. In this context, it is likely that the malfunction directly occurred on the servers of Meta, formerly Facebook, the parent company of WhatsApp since 2014. There is nothing you can do to correct the situation.

Currently, the company has not communicated on this large-scale bug, despite the influx of testimonials. While waiting for Meta engineers to find out where the problem comes from and to deploy a fix, we invite you to test one of the alternative messaging services to WhatsApp, such as Signal, Telegram or Olvid. Have you encountered a similar problem on your iPhone? We await your opinion in the comments.

Source: 9to5Mac

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