WhatsApp already has PiP mode on iOS

Although originally WhatsApp was a text-based instant messaging application, like the vast majority of services of this type has evolved over time to offer voice calls first and then video calls. This type of communication was not used frequently by most users, but the arrival of the pandemic that forced us to remain confined and reduce social contact to a minimum was a catalyst for this communication format.

In this way, a multitude of users of all profiles began to make video calls with family, friends, work colleagues, professional contacts… and although fortunately we have already left the worst days of the pandemic far behind, the habit of communicating remotely through Video through the smartphone has endured, and everything indicates that this will not change over time, as more and more people have already gotten used to it.

One of the direct consequences is that, of course, we have been discovering new needs Related, directly or indirectly, to video calls, and one of the most present for quite some time is being able to continue performing other operations on the phone while we are having a conversation. Whether it is to review data related to the conversation, because we have received an urgent communication but we do not want to end the call, because it is a trivial conversation and at the same time we can do other things or for any other reason, limit the device to a single activity when the user could perform two or more, it is a limit that is a bit difficult to understand.

WhatsApp already has PiP mode on iOS

They thought the same thing some time ago in Meta, which had been working on this advance for some time that, finally, reaches all iPhone users. And it is that, as we can read in the list of novelties of the latest version in the App Store, WhatsApp for iOS now allows you to use the Picture in Picture mode while having a video call. In this way, we can continue using the iPhone for other purposes without affecting the conversation.

Now now, when we went to another application with an active video call, the video was paused, so our interlocutor stopped receiving our image. Now, thanks to PiP mode, We can continue to see the image of the video call in a box in one of the corners of the screen and also, our video signal will not stop, so the interlocutor will continue to receive our video signal without interruptions.

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