WhatsApp: Avoid fraud or receiving messages from strangers with this new function

The instant messaging application WhatsApp It could be shortly before releasing a new update that would help combat the proliferation of scams and spam messages, at least among WhatsApp Business users, according to reports from the Google Play Beta program.

Once again, the specialized medium WABetainfo, has been responsible for finding this novelty within the beta version of WhatsApp Business that apparently will serve to warn users when an account is not registered within their contacts.

This update will inform when an unknown organization tries to communicate through WhatsApp Business, alerting the owner (with the aim of preventing fraud), since generally a company is not contacted without the prior consent of the user.

According to the reports, from the same medium, after receiving the message it will be possible to select one of the two available options: «block the sender of the message»In case you do not want to receive more information about him or«add to contact list»If you wish.

Advantages of the new function

This update is undoubtedly a very interesting tool since before this arrival it was impossible to determine if the company that was communicating was, or not, a establishment verified with whom we had previously contacted.

By being able to identify if said contact is stored in our contact list, it will be easier to determine if it is a real message or a possible scam. From now on, WhatsApp Business will show the name of the business, not its phone number.

More WhatsApp news

WhatsApp is also testing a new feature within WhatsApp Business that will have the ability to create ads that lead to your WhatsApp account.

Thanks to this feature, companies can reach new customers by advertising on Facebook, because the ad lets people on Facebook know that they also operate on WhatsApp.

Actually, this has already been revealed in the past – the company explained how to make money using WhatsApp using some business tools like this one. It was also possible create an ad to redirect people to WhatsApp, but people had to use Facebook to configure it – a new option to configure it directly within WhatsApp’s business settings was recently introduced.

To create a new Facebook ad, simply access the WhatsApp Business Tools Configuration section and then select the “Advertise on Facebook” section.


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