WhatsApp changes its interface: now it is nailed to Windows 11

Instant messaging applications in general, such as WhatsApp, for many they are part of their daily lives. In these times we can use these platforms both from our mobile devices, and in the corresponding clients for desktop computers. We also have the web versions that some of these proposals offer us.

As it could not be otherwise, in these lines we want to focus on one of these applications that we can install and use on Windows. In fact, we are going to talk about what could be considered the main application for this type of instant communication, we are referring to the aforementioned WhatsApp. We tell you all this because its top managers continue to work in order to improve the Beta application of its platform for the microsoft system.

Some time ago the possibility that we could react to the messages received through WhatsApp in this app was introduced. Well, it seems that the improvement works have not finished and now the program has received another important change in its user interface. Specifically, we are talking about a new contextual menu that has been redesigned to adapt to the times. If you want to take a look at this change in the appearance of the application, you just have to install the whatsapp beta latest version through the Microsoft Store.


Developer: WhatsApp Inc.

Keep in mind that little by little the developers of this software solution try to adapt its appearance to the new Windows 11. In fact, this is something that is being extended to a good part of the firm’s own programs, how could it be otherwise. What’s more, over time we have seen that many of the apps that we find pre-installed are already fully adapted to the new operating system.

To give you an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeverything we tell you, say that this new redesigned context menu appears when text is selected. This appears when you check that item in the chat text field that we use so much here. Likewise, the app also offers redesigned quick shortcuts for other tasks. Among these we find that of formatting the text, applying the bold, the italics or strikethrough characters. Of course, it is worth mentioning that here an important step backwards has been detected.

contextual whatsapp

It seems that when using this new context menu that we talked about, it is no longer possible to correct spelling errors at this time. The reason for all this is that the suggestions do not appear in said redesigned context menu. With everything and with it, it is foreseeable that this possibility of make corrections will be integrated back into future versions of the Windows app.

In addition to the return of the text correction system that we have mentioned, important new functions are also expected in the coming months. This is mainly due to the growing use of this messaging application, more than usual on mobile phones, through its client for Windows-based desktop computers. In fact, in addition to the functional section, the application will gradually adapt to the new operating system and its appearanceHow is the case.

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