WhatsApp deletes groups: this is the option that will replace them

WhatsApp continues to deploy a host of new features in order to remain the best platform – worldwide – for instant messaging. It is that the palm-to-palm fight against Telegram is becoming more and more even and the wide advantage that the platform had at the time Mark Zuckerberg it has gradually narrowed. That is why in the next few days there will be a drastic change when it comes to the groups.

At the head of the company he leads Mark Zuckerberg is the clear objective of positioning WhatsApp as one of the best applications in the age of internet and new technologies. To achieve this, it does not lack much since it presents a wide range of options that benefit communication between people and companies (for example through WhatsApp Business).

On this occasion, the platform that belongs to the Meta family will completely eliminate the groups from WhatsApp and will replace them with an innovative tool. It is about “Communities”, a section that promises to radically change the way of using the instant messaging application, where communities and subcommunities can be created within them.

The innovative tool promises to arrive with the next update of WhatsApp and it will surely cause a positive impact due to the different uses that it can be given. For example, at work, different conversations with our colleagues and groups labor, so that when the weekend comes, said community is shelved and silenced.

Mark Zuckerberg’s preferred app will allow administrators to create communities and invite other users to join manually or via an invite link. After WhatsApp it will allow messages to be grouped according to the demand of administrators and other users. It is also worth noting that it has not been announced what will happen to the groups previously created and their contents.

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