WhatsApp Delta: What is this version of the application and what is it for

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the Applications most downloaded on all mobile devices, regardless of the operating system of the phones cell phones. And beyond the fact that its updates add new functionalities frequently, there are also software developers who create other versions, unauthorized, with unexpected tools. (Tramadol) Today’s case is WhatsApp Delta. What is it about? I kept reading and got to know its pros and cons.

This alteration of WhatsApp It can be downloaded on all cell phones, although from pages of doubtful origin, since they are not available in official stores such as PlayStore or AppStore. Unlike the Applications native to the Mark Zuckerberg monopoly, WhatsApp Delta can be downloaded on all phones, as long as they find an installer file in APK format on the Internet.

This alternate and unofficial version of WhatsApp offers attractive options that will make users think about installing it alongside their bundle of Applications you have on your mobile device. Among the main alternatives is the option of sending scheduled messages and changing the visual appearance of the platform through a wide range of colors, fonts, themes and menus of various styles.

In addition, for those who love to share dozens of files, the alternative version that will have thousands of phones will allow you to share up to 90 images at the same time (compared to the 30 offered by WhatsApp) and activate the confirmation of readings only when the message is to be answered.

However, as interesting as this new version of WhatsApp, we must be careful when installing it on our phones. As we mentioned before, the official stores do not offer WhatsApp Delta and you should go to dangerous websites where hackers can add some malware and, therefore, steal all kinds of sensitive information. That is why specialists recommend not downloading Applications of dubious origin, thus avoiding serious computer crime problems.

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