WhatsApp for Mac will allow you to pause and resume voice recordings

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For many users (myself included), voice recordings are worse than ever invented. I don’t have the need to waste my time listening to a voice message of several minutes where the same thing is repeated, over and over again, when it can be said with a message.

However, this functionality is increasingly used by WhatsApp customers and the company is working to make it even more widely used. According to the WABetaInfo guys, version 2.2201.2 of WhatsApp Desktop for Mac It will include the same functionality that will also come to iOS.

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I’m talking about the possibility pause and resume voice recordings. This new beta, instead of showing a button to stop the recording, shows the pause button.

This feature is ideal if during message recordingwe have to stop her to think carefully about what we want to say, find the right word…

Once we have paused the message, we have the option to play it to see if we like it, resume recording, send it or delete it and start again.

But beyond functionality, it can be a true agony for all those users whose friends or family send messages of several minutes.

Regarding the launch date of this new functionality, unknown at the moment. This feature is currently in beta on the iOS version as well. Until the final version of iOS with this functionality is released, don’t expect to see it in the macOS version.

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