WhatsApp gets a redesigned emoji keyboard

WhatsApp has just received a new graphic overhaul, this time dedicated to the emoji keyboard that is available in the application. For now, only beta users can enjoy it.

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Emoji have become an integral part of modern conversations, adding a touch of joy and expressiveness to text chats, and that, Meta understood, which is why the company quietly revealed to its beta testers a revamped user interface for the emoji keyboard. Already last year, WhatsApp allowed you to react to messages with any emoji.

The latest update, WhatsApp beta version, is gradually being released to select beta testers through the Google Play Store. As WABetaInfo reports, this update introduces the refreshed emoji keyboard interface, although not all testers will have access to it yet.

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WhatsApp improves emoji keyboard interface

The new feature aims to make selecting the perfect emoji faster and more convenient. The redesigned emoji keyboard brings enhanced functionality, allowing users to seamlessly switch between emoji, GIFs, and stickers. Instead of the small buttons at the bottom of the interface, a large pill-shaped bar with tabs has been introduced for effortless navigation between the three options.

Also, the emoji subcategory bar has been moved from the top to the bottom of the keyboard. Additionally, a swipe up gesture on the top edge of the keyboard expands it up to three times its original height, thus offering a wider view.

In addition to the emoji keyboard redesign, beta testers will notice a change in the attachment feature. The paperclip icon, which used to be next to the camera icon in the message box, has been replaced by a plus icon in the left corner of the box. This change requires some tweaking for regular WhatsApp users, who will now find a button to switch back to the alphanumeric keyboard when the emoji picker is open.

As usual, these new features are only available to select beta users of the app, and it’s unclear when the new version will roll out to everyone.

whatsapp emoji keyboard
Credit: WABetaInfo

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