WhatsApp: How To Easily Free Up Storage

WhatsApp has just reviewed the way in which media storage is managed in its mobile application. Now it’s easier to make room.

If you were worried about the increasing weight that WhatsApp is weighing in your smartphone’s storage, good news: the instant messaging app announced on November 2, 2020 that it has designed a new tool for managing the files you receive and send. . To benefit from it, you just have to make sure you are using an updated version of the application, on Android or iOS.

Free up storage space in WhatsApp

To access the utility, you need to launch WhatsApp on your smartphone and then go to settings. These are accessible via the icon at the top right of the screen, symbolized by vertical ellipses. In the settings, click on “Data and storage usage” then “Manage storage”. You will then see a gauge and a ranking of discussions by weight on the mobile.

The gauge should be understood as follows: it represents the entire space available on the smartphone. The yellow part is the apps and other items in the phone. The green part represents the media files transferred via WhatsApp. As for the gray part, it is the remaining place. If it turns red, it means you are almost at the end of what you can accommodate.

If so, you’ll see a notification overlaid to let you know it’s time to do some cleaning.

An example of storage that could use a media scrub.

Below the gauge, the list of conversations is visible, with the largest ones at the top. You just have to click on one of them to access the associated media. You can then send them to the trash one by one or select them all at once to delete them. Be careful with what you put in the trash, however, to avoid deleting the photos and videos you care about.

Other sorting options are available to locate, for example, the heaviest files on the smartphone, by conversation, but also to locate the oldest or most recent. Very practical point: the content of each media is displayed in a thumbnail (whether it is a static image, a video or a GIF), which allows you to scan at a glance. eye all the content of a discussion.

Article originally published on November 04, 2020 and updated on September 19, 2021

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