WhatsApp: how to read a message without sending an acknowledgment

Yes, WhatsApp has made us easier to contact… But not necessarily more sociable. If you want to read a message without sending a confirmation to your contact, here’s how you can fake the system.

whatsapp avoid acknowledgment

Text messages have always had plenty of flaws, It’s certain. To say that there was a time, they were even paying for the unit and the characters! But if there is anything that we can regret from this old era, when the RCS develops more and more and that instant messaging apps have become the normit is their discretion.

Realize: you could stay fixated on a conversation and wait for an answer like a youngster full of romance in all discretion! Nowadays, on WhatsApp, the slightest reading immediately returns the little blue ticks which represent the universal acknowledgment sent to his contact. Thus, he knows precisely when you have received and read his message. Bad times for the antisocial, the shy, the romantics, or even the misanthropes: the laws of socialization have changed, and no longer accept that we do not answer in a few seconds.

Fortunately, there are still some tricks to fake the system…and we’re going to give them all to you.

To hide your reading, use the notification bar

This is the most instinctive solution that we have all already adopted. Until you open the application, it does not send an acknowledgment. So… As much use the notification panel to read the last message sent discreetlyand decide on reading whether you want to respond immediately or not.

On both Android and iOS, just swipe down from the top of the screen to pull down the notification bar, and quietly read his message. Be careful however not to click on the notification, or the acknowledgment will be sent immediately!

However, this technique may be limited. Depending on how your system handles notifications, and how your contact writes, some messages may be inaccessible or garbled. It is therefore necessary at this time to open WhatsApp to access the entire conversation, and thus be forced to send the famous accused… Or not.

Airplane mode prevents acknowledgment

Yes, you can also simply switch your phone to airplane mode (or offline mode). As a reminder, this mode cuts all data connections, whether Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or 4G/5G.

But that’s the magic of this trick: your phone has already downloaded the WhatsApp messages in question. If you open the application, you can therefore read your messages in peace without any acknowledgment being sent… since there is no network to do so.

Be careful though, this technique is limited. As soon as you exit airplane mode, the application will naturally send the acknowledgment. To be reserved for really important conversations, for which you would be ready to sacrifice a few minutes or even hours without internet.

See WhatsApp images without acknowledgment, an iPhone technique

iPhones have an advantage over Android phones. A trick allows them to also view whatsapp photos without having to open the app and therefore send the accused the same time. There are a few steps to follow for this:

  • Close WhatsApp and reopen the appto be sure to arrive on your discussion list (and not directly on the discussion you are trying to flee)
  • In the chat list, select the one whose images you want to see without acknowledgment, and press the “More” option
  • Choose “Export Chat”
  • Check the option “Attach media content”
  • Then choose “Save to Files”

And There you go ! You have an offline backup of the chat with the pictures attached, so you can see everything without having to open the chat! So yes, it’s a method that requires patience, but to dodge certain conversations… We would all be ready to use it.

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