WhatsApp introduces a new button with which you can join active video calls

For better or for worse group video calls They continue from strength to strength and the truth is that, if they are not abused, they are the perfect resource to keep in touch with those with whom we cannot be. For this, from Facebook they continue to renew WhatsApp so that it is able to provide all the communication solutions required by the user.

In this sense, WhatsApp continues to improve its video call service and they have improved the process to join a group video call already in progress. In this case, instead of having to look for the call in the “calls” section of the application, we simply enter the chat in which the video call is taking place and by pressing at the top, we can join the call.

The possibility of joining active group video calls on WhatsApp was already available since July, but the process was somewhat cumbersome, since you had to go to the calls menu to see which ones were in progress and “introduce yourself” from there, now WhatsApp gives the possibility to join the call simply by clicking on the button that appears within the chat itself at the top.

The application has also incorporated a new “lighter” ringtone for group calls, so that we can identify, just by sound, if it is a group call or an individual call.

As we mentioned at the beginning, WhatsApp continues its path of renewal and fine-tuning trying not to leave any detail unpolished, recently they also improved their security system by adding end-to-end encrypted cloud copies.

Encrypted cloud backups first arrived for some beta users last summer, but most people didn’t have access to the feature. That changes today as WhatsApp begins a wider rollout, giving those who so desire the option to store encrypted message logs in iCloud or Google Drive.

Image by Luke Porter on Unsplash

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