WhatsApp is working on a new function to integrate reactions, with emojis, to text messages

WhatsApp It is one of the most used instant messaging platforms in the world, which is why it is always constantly changing, adding new functions and also, making the end user have good experiences. All this, combined with the new implementations that Facebook has for its platform, let us remember that they belong to the same company.

In the past, it has already been seen how you can react through emojis in Facebook and Messenger messages, being one of the functions most appreciated by the community. Now, according to the information from WAbetainfo, Medium specialized in bringing the latest notes on everything that happens with the WhatsApp application, this function could soon reach the app.

WAbetainfo, reported that WhatsApp is already raising the possibility that users can react to messages, which will appear positioned below the text. To react to a message, just click on it to later generate the reaction.

React with emojis

Apparently this tool will arrive as a complement to the response function, which has been implemented on the platform for some time. As in other platforms, these reactions will be through emojis, as it is currently on Facebook Messenger.

All these news reach both groups and individual chats, in the case of groups, people will know who reacted to the messages. At the moment, it has been said that only 6 emojis will arrive in the first instance, although it is likely that more will be added soon.

At the moment, this new feature is in the testing phase, and has been discovered in the beta version of iOS. Although it is very likely that it will officially arrive in the coming weeks for both devices with ios in addition to mobile devices with Android system.


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