WhatsApp: Know these 7 news that will be delivered to the app in 2022

The instant messaging app WhatsApp has been constantly growing, adding new functions, and even becoming one of the most used applications, worldwide, to communicate with other people, whether for work or entertainment.

This app is always looking to renew itself to add new options and features that differentiate it from the rest of the competitors, and even provide something fresh and innovative so that people can continue to download and use it.

With this in mind, the app has revealed some of the news that will come to WhatsApp in 2022. Below we share the most relevant ones.


Like its sister application, Facebook Messenger, you can now react to a message using emojis. It has been said that reactions will be available in individual chat threads and group chats and everyone can see who reacted to a message simply by viewing the reaction information.

2.-Hide connection

If you want a specific person not to know your last connection time on WhatsApp, with this new update it will be possible.

3.-Transcription of voice notes

Maybe it has happened to you that you can’t listen to a voice note because you are doing other activities but it is vitally important to respond to said message, now in a new update, you can translate said note into text to know everything that was said in the audio.

4.-Sticker as a photo in the groups

Currently we are only allowed to choose a photo from our gallery to put it as a photo in a group chat, but one of the novelties for 2022 is that now the stickers can also be included as the “logo” of said group.

5.-Facebook-style voice notes

Another novelty that arrives for the following year is to be able to continue listening to a voice note if you leave the chat, all this will be thanks to a system of Facebook-style bubbles so that the app stays open and you can continue with the audio playback.


At the moment, we can only create groups by choosing the people we have in our contacts, with this update it will be possible to create a group within another group, for this reason we can separate some people to be able to choose our circle of people from work or friends.


WhatsApp at the time of writing this note, does not have any type of advertisement, however, thanks to the launch of meta, it is now possible that some brands implement advertisements within the app, this makes said platform another place to be able to monetize and show certain products.

When will all this come?

Although for now, WhatsApp It has not specified the exact date on which all these news will arrive, it is known that they will be released gradually during 2022. To get them, it will be necessary to keep the application updated at all times, to the latest version, for this it is enough to open the App Store or the Play Store, as the case may be, to see if it is updated or needs to be done.


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