WhatsApp launches avatars, we tell you how to create them

The fever of the avatars does not stop. Although they already existed previously, when Apple included Memojis in iOS, there was a revival of interest in personalized avatars, which we have been seeing as, over time, they were added to new apps and services. WhatsApp has not wanted to be left out, even less since these animated recreations of oneself have become one of the flagship elements of the Metaverse and, consequently, as of today they are already available on the world’s most widely used instant messaging service.

Announced just a few hours ago on his blog, Meta has confirmed the arrival of these custom graphics that had already been anticipated for a few months, when references to them were detected in some beta versions of the WhatsApp app for Android. It was unknown, of course, when they would reach users, since until now the company had not ruled on the matter, but given the growing importance that WhatsApp has gained for Meta after the economic puncture of the Metaverse, it made perfect sense to expect that this new function will arrive as soon as possible.

As is the case with Memojis, Bitmojis and similar avatars, the avatar creation tool for WhatsApp allows a great level of customization, which means (a) that you can adjust the design quite a bit to achieve a very correct replica of yourself and (b) that as long as you entertain yourself a bit reviewing all the hairstyles, types of noses, eyes, mouths, wardrobe proposals, accessories and so on, it is quite likely that, when you want to realize it, you have already spent about an hour making your avatar.

How to create your avatar in WhatsApp?

The process is really simple, as you will see below, but you do have to know where to find it, because despite what you might expect, an ad is not displayed offering you this option when you open the app.

First of all, you have to make sure that you have the most current version of the WhatsApp app installed on your smartphone (both Android and iOS), so go to the app store and confirm this point, or update if the option is offered to you. possibility. The feature seems to be rolling out globally, so there’s a good chance you’ll already find it available. But if not, you may have to wait a few hours or a few days.

With the updated WhatsApp app, go to the configuration section and, right under your image and username, a new entry should appear, with the text Avatar, on which you must press

WhatsApp launches avatars, we tell you how to create them

In this way, a new section will be displayed in which you must click on “Create your avatar”, which will take you to an information section about the new function in which, among other things, you can find out what you can use it for (at least At the moment, it cannot be used in conversations, unlike Apple’s Memojis).

WhatsApp launches avatars, we tell you how to create them

What will come next, you will have already imagined, of course, is the design phase of your avatar, in which you will have to choose shapes, colors, sizes and so on to, starting from a base image, arrive at a design with which you feel represented (note: it is allowed to take advantage of taking a few years off, we all do it), for example

WhatsApp launches avatars, we tell you how to create them

Once you have finished “drawing yourself”, you can confirm the process and, back in the initial section, take the opportunity to see all the images that have been created with your new avatar

WhatsApp launches avatars, we tell you how to create them

At the moment, the only thing you can do with them is use them as your user account image. There is a feature available to share your emoji pack with other users, but after trying to test it with several people, I only found bugs and it was impossible for someone else to see them. However, we must take into account that this is a recently deployed function, which may not yet be available to all users and which will have to be refined over the days and weeks. (

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