WhatsApp launches end-to-end encrypted cloud backups

After the recent global drops of Facebook services, and the different security controversies of the company, WhatsApp has been facing questioning of its popularity and reputation. However, the messaging service continues to struggle to stay on top by making new changes to its cloud backups.

And it is that in addition to the recent announcement of the new customization options with which we can choose what data we want to save, now the company launches its new end-to-end encryption functionality for them, applicable to all chats that we save in the cloud .

WhatsApp cloud backup end-to-end encryption

Encrypted cloud backups first arrived for some beta users last summer, but most people didn’t have access to the feature. That changes today as WhatsApp begins a wider rollout, giving those who so desire the option to store encrypted message logs in iCloud or Google Drive.

So now we can protect our backups in the cloud with end-to-end encryption using a password of our choice or a 64-digit encryption key provided by the application, and that only we will know. And it is that nobody, not even WhatsApp itself, will be able to have access to read these backup copies or the keys to unlock them.

While you may not find this feature available yet, the company ensures that it is being implemented in a general and gradual way for all users, monitoring experience to ensure that any potential issues can be addressed before the global user pool has access to this backup option. Additionally, in order to access this new security function, we will need to have our device updated to the latest version of WhatsApp on both Android and iOS.

To be able to check if we can already access this function, we will only have to open the options of “Setting” of the application, in the upper right part of the start menu of the same, and access the path “Chat> Chat Backup> End-to-End Encrypted Backup”.

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