WhatsApp launches its new native application for Windows with better calling capabilities

With a brief message posted on his personal Facebook account, Mark Zuckerberg has announced the launch of a client version of whatsapp for windowsa new application from the popular messaging service with which to try to fill a gap that they can’t cement, and not precisely because they don’t try.

Indeed, you can call it a new version, although what it is about, as they are telling it, is a new WhatsApp application for Windows, and that’s it… But that is not for not trying, it is worth repeating, and it is that it has not been a long time year that Meta launched the native UWP application that replaced the previous one and that does not seem to have finished gelling at all.

In fact, the Windows application has endured just enough, before the company once again bet on developments based on native technologies for the operating system and WhatsApp for Mac was presented in beta before Windows. The web version is maintained, but as an optional alternative.

As for this new WhatsApp application for Windows, among its constant and resounding news, beyond the change of base, the expected performance improvements, a better experience on large screens and compatibility with the new system are included. multi-device synchronization phone independent.

But if there is something that the new WhatsApp client for Windows stands out for, it is in the improvement of voice and video calls, with end-to-end encryption by default for all of them, also group calls. The limit of participants remains at 8 people for video calls and 32 people for audio calls, although they continue with the intention of expanding it in the future.

Do you want to try the new WhatsApp for Windows? You have it for 32 and 64 bit systems on the official download page and it is expected that it will also be available in the Microsoft Store shortly.

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