WhatsApp: message reactions are finally available, here’s how to use them

After months of waiting, the WhatsApp message reaction feature is finally rolling out for all users. Mark Zuckerberg himself announced the arrival of this feature via his official Facebook account.

whatsapp reactions
Credit: Meta

WhatsApp, the instant messaging platform, will be rolling out a quick reactions feature today. The Meta-owned company had been testing this feature for over three years. It will allow users to reply to messages with six different emojis. In the future, it is hoped that the platform will add other emoticons and other skin colorsas Android and iOS emojis already offer.

Unsurprisingly, reactions to messages are similar to other chat apps and Suggested emojis include a thumbs up, heart, “thank you”, laughing face, crying face, and surprised face. That’s less than other apps like Telegram, which offers 10 emojis.

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How to use message reactions on WhatsApp?

The message reactions feature is quite intuitive to use, since it works like other apps. Users just need to tap on any message and the app will show an emoji box. You can then choose one of six different emojis, after which WhatsApp will paste your emoji below the message.

Note that you can only add one reaction per message. Moreover, if the message is deleted, the emoji will also disappear. Finally, we know that the recipient will be able to see the reactions to the messages, until you delete them.

In addition to reactions, WhatsApp is also expanding the default maximum size for group chats, the cap going from 256 to 512. The platform is also rolling out the ability to share files up to 2GB in size, a significant improvement over the previous 100MB limit. single call. The update is being released gradually, so it will take a few days for it to be available on the App Store or Google Play Store for all users.

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