WhatsApp mimics Telegram and integrates channels to keep you up to date with the latest news

WhatsApp will soon have a new feature strongly inspired by its rival Telegram: channels. The latter are discussion channels in which companies and other entities can communicate their news to subscribers. You must be an administrator to post a message in the conversation.

whatsapp channel

At WhatsApp, we obviously haven’t learned not to copy on the neighbor’s sheet. Lately, Meta’s messaging seems to be making a point of catching up with the competition when it comes to features. This is how we saw the possibility of editing messages like on Discord and Slack, or even replacing your nickname with a phone number.

Today, the application is back on its feet, this time again with a feature much appreciated by the competition: channels. If you are a regular Telegram user, surely you already know how it works. These are discussion channels to which users subscribe to receive regular messages and other news from administrators.

WhatsApp deploys channels so you don’t miss the news that interests you

It can be companies keeping their customers informed of the latest products and services launched, or a city informing its inhabitants of upcoming events, or simply a group of enthusiasts discussing their hobby in common. As you will have understood, these channels are aimed above all at entities wishing to stay as close as possible to their subscribers, as well as at the latter wishing to stay informed of the news of their brand or their favorite activity.

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However, channel subscribers will not be able to send a message in the conversation. This right will be reserved for channel administrators. The message history will remain available for 30 days before disappearing. Also, the channels will not be mixed in with your regular conversations, but will instead be stored in a separate tab titled News. The feature should soon be deployed to the general public.

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