WhatsApp now allows you to buy items from chats

Facebook always on the lookout for ways to monetize its apps, recently presented a basic cart for WhatsApp, a function with which users can directly buy some products from their chats. Now, the company is refining that process with adding «Collections», some categorized lists that will greatly facilitate the search for products through the messaging application itself.

WhatsApp noted that the application has become more popular to buy in Brazil and India since COVID-19 began, although this trend is expected to be replicated in other countries where, although a return to normality seems increasingly imminent, the Users have become more accustomed to this type of digital purchase.

With this new feature, now users will be able to navigate between some categories as “men’s clothing, women’s clothing, shirts or pants” rather than having to browse other closed lists of products. In addition, these categories will not be exclusively focused on the field of fashion, but rather new products will be added little by little.

For their part, from a business perspective, they can now “organize the items in their catalogs by category so that customers no longer have to scroll through long lists of items to find what they are looking for.” In addition, keeping the same operation of the original function, we can access the catalog of any company through a link sent or the purchase button in the header of your profile.

So this new categorization function has been announced under immediate availability, being able to take advantage of it from today, arriving just in time for the sales season of Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Christmas. And it is undoubtedly that this function, together with WhatsApp’s plans to add a payments function integrated into its own application, could take on a new importance before the announcement of Facebook’s change of orientation.

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