WhatsApp ready function to “undo” the sending of states: this is what we know

The instant messaging application WhatsApp It has different functions that make it different from the others, from publishing statuses, to the well-known business app, Business, so that companies and stores can create their business account and have a closer interaction with people.

Although it is true that the application so far could seem very complete, there is always something that can be added or improved. On this occasion, the new update could come with one of the most anticipated functions by many users of the app, which would allow to undo the sending of states.

Currently, if we want delete a state, It is necessary to do it manually by accessing the configuration panel that is located in the upper right corner, then you must click on the three points and then select the option to delete it permanently.

However, sometimes this process is not that smooth and if a mistake was made while publishing said status, you will want to edit it as quickly as possible, and not necessarily delete it, if not rather, modify it to fix it. Thinking about this, WhatsApp could allow it to be done in the next update.

WhatsApp’s new feature revealed?

According to the reports of the WAbetainfo medium, this novelty is currently in the testing phase, Beta of WhatsApp version within the iOS operating system, as an improvement within the states and stories section, which are quite popular in the app.

Among all the novelties that this update incorporates, there is also the option to correct what is posted in a state, so you don’t have to delete it and upload it again, all this goes apart from the undo option that allows you to quickly delete it.

How to use these functions?

This update is expected to arrive officially in next weeks. Once you receive it, just go to the undo button, whenever you want to publish a status, it will appear for a few seconds on the screen so that you can press it in case of making a mistake.

In the same way, all the photos and others that appear in the state, will be saved in your gallery so that you can access them again and publish said state, this update seeks improve application fluency, as well as improving the experience for people who use this medium every day to communicate.


WhatsApp ready function to “undo” the sending of states: this is what we know

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