WhatsApp: Reasons NOT to install apps that promise the iPhone design on your Android

The instant messaging application WhatsApp, is always giving something to talk about. Although, for the most part, they are about new functions and tools, which come through constant updates, sometimes, we find new, unofficial applications that seek to add a new tool.

This time, it is a new app that was recently launched with the aim of “customizing” the appearance of WhatsApp, to resemble the version on iOS. However, inside a malware has been discovered that after being installed on the device is capable of stealing information from the cell phone.

Hidden malware

According to the Xataka reports, This application, of dubious origin, allows you to change the theme with which it is displayed on WhatsApp to resemble the design available on iPhone, however, it puts WhatsApp information at risk along with the possibility of an account blocking.

The WhatsApp application for Android with the theme of iOS is based on the latest version of GBWhatsApp, an adaptation of some developers called “FouadMODS“Inside there is a Trojan and malware capable of injecting advertisements. In addition, the app asks for permission to install other applications, without the user’s consent.

Another consequence that this malware could cause is massive advertising, which spreads on your computer and even invades other applications. For this reason, the use of unofficial applications is not recommended, especially when it comes to modifying an application in which all kinds of personal and work information are shared.

Tips to avoid installing malware on iOS and Android

The main advice to avoid installing a virus or malware is not to install applications external to those found in the official stores of iOS and Android, that is, do not download from external sites. Generally, an application with malware will not be available in the Play Store or the App Store.

In the case of Android, it is well known that there have been dozens of applications that have been removed from the store for containing a malicious software. Although, although the vast majority are exempt from it, not all applications are thoroughly reviewed, so the recommendation is to download applications from the store that also have the Google verification seal. Meanwhile in ios the probability is much lower, due to its high quality standards.


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