WhatsApp: strangers can no longer spy on you thanks to this feature

WhatsApp is about to deploy a new feature designed to strengthen user privacy. In the test phase for several weeks, the WhatsApp teams have decided to distribute this feature to as many people as possible.

whatsapp privacy
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In December 2021, WhatsApp decided to strengthen user privacy by adding a brand new simple, yet effective feature. The principle ? Give the possibility to the user to limit access to certain information, such as the date, the time of the last connection, the About section or the profile photo.

Thus, three choices are now available to the user: to open access to his information to everyone, to his contacts only, to no one or to limit access to specific contacts. Deployed four months ago on the beta version of the Android application, this feature was unfortunately reserved for a small number of beta testers.

But good news, however, this unprecedented privacy option is now available to a wider panel. Indeed and as reported by our colleagues from the WABetaInfo site, this feature is available on the latest version of the WhatsApp beta on Android.

WhatsApp multiplies updates

As a reminder, WhatsApp has multiplied updates in recent weeks. The instant messaging application with two billion users allows for example listen to your voicemail messages before sending them. In addition, it is now possible to listen to voice messages using other applications. We also note the addition of emojis in the reactions to messages as offered by Facebook Messenger. Well, WhatsApp’s proposal is difficult to see with only five choices, but that’s it.

Lately we learned that WhatsApp will soon be able to send 2GB files. This feature is being tested with a select group of users in Argentina. Currently, file transfers cannot exceed 100MB on Android and 128MB on iOS. By pushing this limit to 2 GB, WhatsApp would therefore catch up with the accumulated delay on certain competitors, Telegram in mind which allows to exchange files of the same volume. We therefore hope that this feature will come out of beta test quickly and that it will be released to as many people as possible soon.

Source: WABetaInfo

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