WhatsApp tests a communities feature

2021, a most intense year for WhatsApp. And we have already commented on it other times in recent months, its managers finally seem to have realized that they were quite late with respect to other services in terms of functions. And it is that despite being the undisputed king of instant messaging services in terms of total volume of users, however it falls back quite a few positions in the list when we talk about functions.

2021 is, however, the beginning of plans that seem quite ambitious, and that could make WhatsApp in a short time already in a position to seriously compete with its rivals at this point. From the responses with reactions or, finally, the facilities to transfer the history of an account between Android and iOS (and vice versa, of course), to the expected multi-device mode or the self-destructing images, to name just four examples, it does not seem that the WhatsApp developers are enjoying too much free time this year.

And 2022 points in the same direction, that is, that we will also see the debut of new functions, with which the service will continue to try to stand up to increasing competition, and which tends to benefit each time the Facebook service has some I failed or made a mistake. And it is that, as we can read in WABetaInfo, WhatsApp developers would be working on a communities feature, which would give administrators the ability to create a community to add multiple groups.

This model would allow create structures similar to those of the Discord servers, which in turn are organized into channels (which in this case would be groups within the community), in which users can communicate with each other by participating in a general conversation. What is not clear at the moment is whether a user could be part of only one of the groups, without having to join the entire community in which they are integrated.

To distinguish themselves from WhatsApp group chats, according to WABetaInfo the communities (and of course, the groups integrated in them) would have a similar but not similar design. The difference mentioned by this means is that the icons of the community will be square with rounded corners, compared to the classic circular icons of the conversations and group chats of the service.

Access to WhatsApp communities, at least in their current state of development, It will be through an invitation sent by the community administrators. The question remains as to whether, as in Telegram, it will be possible to generate an access link that can be disseminated by any means, and that allows users to join it.

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