WhatsApp: the new update greatly improves user privacy

WhatsApp Status, the feature which was introduced in 2017, has received a number of updates to make it more appealing to users. We explain all the news to you.

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Five new WhatsApp status and reaction updates have just been announced by Meta, and one of them was probably the most requested for months now. First of all, let’s note the arrival of a feature allowing you to share voice notes up to 30 seconds long as status updates.

WhatsApp also wins status reactions. To send, simply open a status, swipe up and select one of the eight emoji available. WhatsApp also adds a status ring that will appear around the profile picture of a contact when they share a new status update. Finally, Meta announces that these statuses can now accommodate links. They even offer a visual preview, so you don’t have to open it until you know what’s inside.

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WhatsApp wants you to go unnoticed on the app

Statuses can give your contacts a quick glimpse of what you’re up to for a short 24-hour period, and it’s up to you. possible to include photos, videos or even text. However, there are times when you don’t want to share all your status updates with everyone you know and that’s where the latest addition to the new version of WhatsApp comes in.

These features mentioned above have been supplemented by an option that was eagerly awaited by users of the application: the possibility of limiting their audience. In other words, it is possible to make your WhatsApp status updates more private than before and share them with only selected contacts. You can share your ephemeral updates with “ My contacts except… [quelques personnes de votre liste WhatsApp] ” Or ” Share only with a few friends and family members “.

To keep things convenient, WhatsApp will remember the recently selected audience and will suggest the same group for your next status. The update is rolling out worldwide and a full rollout is expected in the coming weeks.

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