Whatsapp: this is what the heart means with a bow and how you should use it

WhatsApp has become the crucial application in every smartphone of the world. Any cell phone you pick up will have Mark Zuckerberg’s instant messaging platform available and fully operational. And beyond its constant use, there are those who send emoticons without knowing its real meaning and this time we are going to tell you what it is about.

It is in sight that everything smartphone You must have installed, yes or yes, the application of the Meta family, although it is also a reality that in recent years the messaging platform Telegram has added followers, showing itself as an alternative to WhatsApp, especially fueled by the constant drops that Mark Zuckerberg’s app suffers as well as rumors of data leaks.

The truth is WhatsApp It has become the mother platform for sending and receiving instant messages, although it is also used for other things. For example, each smartphone You can use the application to call by voice or to make video calls, attach documents (Word, PDF, PowerPoint, among others), share photos and edit them within the same platform as well, as long as the sender wishes.

While in the section to send messages, the one who writes may choose to send gifs, emoticons and stickers. Among the emojis, there are various categories such as faces, professions, fruits, vegetables, food, drinks, means of transport and objects. In addition, a section is responsible for arranging different types of hearts, of different colors and with a wide connotation.

Among the emoticons referring to love, we find a heart with a gift bow or ribbon, and a bow in the upper left margin. And the uncertainty of the meaning of that emoji in WhatsApp was solved by the specialized site “Emojipedia”, who was in charge of clarifying what a gift like a box of chocolates, for example, can be like.

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