WhatsApp trick to send false location to your contacts

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application that allows us to communicate with everyone, constantly integrates new functions, one of the most recent being the ability to send the real-time location, so that your contacts can know where you are.

The Location It is one of the sensitive issues that the application handles, and although it was designed thinking that it could help maintain better communication, sometimes we do not want them to know the exact address where we are.

Therefore, there is the option of being able to send a location other than the one we are currently in. In this tutorial we tell you how to do it. It is important to mention that this guide and the use of it is according to the criteria of each user, and has been designed as an informative tool.

How to send a different location on WhatsApp?

As a first step you have to open the WhatsApp application, followed by this, click on the clip icon, then it is necessary to access the location section, once inside we will find several options to share our location.

The first allows us to share our location in real time for a certain time, here it is possible to select the option for a couple of minutes or hours. However, the section that interests us is in the box, with which we can send a different address.

Once we click on this icon, the Map It will expand and we can move the cursor to another place, once we have moved to another place, it will only be enough to send the location, with this we avoid sending where we are exactly or it can also be used to send an exact address to another person.

All this does not require any third-party application, unless you want to send a place where you are not in real time, for this you have to make use of other applications, for example through apps such as Fake GPSJust run it and tell the application where we are “supposedly” and with this, WhatsApp will automatically use that address.

To know if a location is false, you have to pay attention because when it is not real, a red icon will appear, this means that the other person looked for the address and placed the location there.


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