WhatsApp updates the temporary messages, we tell you what improvements are coming

After a year where many social networks grew, others improved functions and there were even those that reinforced the security aspect as in the case of WhatsApp which in 2021 focused on improving this aspect. The instant messaging app is preparing to receive 2022 with new functions.

During 2020, it confirmed the arrival of temporary images in which photos could be sent only once, which are later destroyed. Additionally, it confirms improvements in the encryption of backups, both in Google Drive and in iCloud, which reinforces the security within the app.

Now we know that WhatsApp has released a new feature, to close 2021 with a flourish. It is an update to temporary messages, which from today will begin to be distributed to all people throughout the world who use the app, as long as they have installed the last update.

What’s new in the new update?

One of the most important changes to the chats feature is an update to the timer, which now goes from 24 hours to 90 days, continuing with the 7-day option that was already known for a couple of months. The aim of this configuration is to avoid having to activate temporary messages in each of the chats.

To activate this new function, simply update the most recent WhatsApp application, to later access the configuration, privacy and default duration, the update will be gradually deployed to all people who use WhatsApp.

Security update

In the security section, it has been mentioned that it is still a priority for the company to take care of all people’s data, as well as to develop privacy and security tools to be constantly improving. To all this, it is mentioned that not only is it enough for them to improve their system, they also have to make it intuitive for the user, as well as configure a Security PIN For each person, with all this they avoid account theft and also that they forget how to access.

Finally, the company is working on all these tools and improvements so that the end user can be safe and also be able to configure their messages so that they are destroyed or even only available for a predetermined time, it is only a matter of waiting for the message to arrive. update or we can even review by accessing the Play Store or App Store to know if we have our app updated.


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