WhatsApp will add new functions for group administrators

One of the most interesting features of instant messaging services are groups. Being able to share a conversation with a certain selection of people, be it a group of friends, family, co-workers, etc., facilitates organization in many aspects, allows information to be disseminated quickly and effectively, it is a tool to maintain contact when it is not possible through other channels… in short, it proposes solutions to many common circumstances on a day-to-day basis.

It is true that they also have detractors, all you have to do is take a walk through social networks to see the amount of “sympathy” that groups of parents from schools arouse… but anyway, the reason for this news is not to enter such an arena complex and controversial. Better we stay with the friendliest face of the WhatsApp groups and, from that perspective, we can positively assess the news that is coming.

And it is that, as we can read in Phone Arena, WhatsApp is preparing two new features to make it easier for administrators to manage groupsthat is, the people who are responsible for them.

The first is so necessary and long-awaited that, in fact, it is surprising that it has not materialized yet, and it is group admins can delete group posts for all members. And it is that, when the author of a message wishes to delete it, he does have the option of doing it only for himself or for the whole group, but until now the administrators, despite being responsible for the group, cannot delete a message from the group. same for all its users. According to WABetaInfo, discoverers of the new feature, it will debut very soon.

And on the other hand, although it seems that this will still take a while to reach all users, WhatsApp would already be testing with chatbots, which could only be added and managed by administrators, and which would allow the publication of ads within the application to be automated. These announcements will include notifications about new features, WhatsApp tips and tricks, and possibly promotional and advertising messages.

It will be interesting to check, yes, if these chatbots are configurable by administrators or if, on the contrary, its content will be decided only by WhatsApp. In the latter case, unless the rest of the content is especially useful and the administrators can obtain at least part of said monetization, I have doubts that it is something that is widely accepted in the service.

In any case, every day it is more evident that Meta has been stepping on the accelerator with WhatsApp since the beginning of last year, in view of the fact that more and more users are making the leap to other services looking for what they cannot find in WhatsApp.

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