WhatsApp will change its name after the goodbye of Facebook and the arrival of Meta

Last week, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that Facebook will change its name to Meta, this in reference to the fact that your company has a promising future ahead thanks to the fact that now not only your priority will be the social networks wave instant messaging, but will bet on a new way of social interaction based on virtual reality.

During his annual event with developers, the president of Meta explained that the idea is that the company is divided in two, since a part will understand social applications as we know them (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger), and the other will encompass the platforms of the future (metaverse and quest).

What the tech giant is trying to do is social interaction no longer just stays on the screen, but thanks to articles such as glasses, or special applications, among others, people can transfer your activities to the virtual world. Zuckerberg calls this a metaverse, that is, 3D spaces where you can live together every day, just as we do now in real life.

Will social networks and WhatsApp change their names?

After it was announced that Facebook will now be called Meta, among users of social networks and WhatsApp the question arose as to whether the famous applications would change their name With the arrival of Meta, Zuckerberg assured that this would not happen, since it is about brands that are already positioned among consumers.

However, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp will undergo changes in their name, although they will not be completely radical. The place WABetaInfo presented some images in which the slight modification that the names of the applications will suffer, or at least, in that of the popular instant messaging app.

Currently, when opening the useful application, the legend “WhatsApp from Facebook“, but according to the specialized portal, in the beta version of the app for ios already appears “WhatsApp from Meta“, which would make the name change of the technology giant official.

This means that perhaps in the next few days, a new update would bring with it the change of “surname” with the aim that users begin to identify the brand and adopt the new name of the company. This adjustment is also likely to be reflected soon in the rest of the applications owned by Meta, formerly Facebook.


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