WhatsApp will finally add a basic but essential feature to Android

It was time for WhatsApp to fix this little problem: the messaging service is currently testing the possibility of editing its contacts directly in the application. Already available on iOS, this feature is still absent on Android smartphones, forcing users to open their contacts in another window.

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From update to update, WhatsApp continues to improve and refine its experience for users. Lately, we have been treated to a few small revolutions, such as the arrival of a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen or the possibility of locking conversations with your fingerprint. But despite all these optimizations, users are still waiting for an option they’ve been asking for for years.

In this case, these are Android users, since those on iOS can already take advantage of it. This feature is none other than in-app contact editing. At present, it is still necessary to exit from it, then go to its contacts to make the changes. WhatsApp will then take them into account and update the information.

WhatsApp will finally allow you to edit your contacts faster on Android

Suffice to say that the thing is not very practical and that it is surprising that a messaging system does not allow its users to perform this manipulation within it. Fortunately, that will surely change soon. For once, the WABetaInfo site dug into the latest beta of WhatsApp for Android and found the option to edit contacts.

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The thing is all in all very conventional: it is possible to modify the first and last name of the contact as well as his telephone number. The application then asks if you want save this data directly on their smartphone or on their linked Google account. Finally, it is possible to edit some information already entered such as the birthday or the email address.

Currently, the feature appears in builds,, and messaging. We hope to see it deployed for all users soon.

Source : WABetaInfo

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