WhatsApp: you can finally transfer your chats from Android to iOS

WhatsApp has officially launched its new tool to transfer chats from Android to iOS. The procedure is quite simple and quick to perform. Here’s how.

If you decide one day to swap your Android smartphone for a new iPhone, you will quickly realize that it is quite tedious to transfer data between the two devices, when the thing is obviously feasible. For these cases, Google and Apple then drew several applications supposed to facilitate all these data transfers.

But these mainly relate to data necessary for the configuration of your new smartphone. If you decide one day to for example migrate your whatsapp conversations from android to iphone, the thing was at the time more than complicated. WhatsApp, which has just added to its service the possibility of leaving voice notes as a status, has just create your own Android to iOS data transfer tool. The courier has been working on this system for a long time and it is now finally operational.

Transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iOS is available

It is therefore now possible to easily and quickly transfer WhatsApp messages between Android and iOS. All people who have WhatsApp version or higher installed on Android 5 and WhatsApp version or higher on iOS 15.5 can thus transfer their conversations with a fairly simple procedure. So here’s how to do it.

  • To start, you must connect both smartphones to the same wifi network then download Apple’s “Move to iOS” app on the device that is running Android. Also make sure to install WhatsApp on the iPhone.
  • Then, you will have to open the Move to iOS application and follow the instructions. A code will be displayed on the iPhone and you will need to enter it on the Android device.
  • You must then open WhatsApp on your iOS device and sign in using the same phone number you use on your old device.
  • A download process will start and you will then find all your conversations and messages.

This procedure will allow you not only to recover your messages but also your account information and your profile photo. Only small problem to report, it is not possible to migrate some things. This is the case for call histories and payment messages.

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