WhatsApp: you will soon be able to send a message to yourself

A veritable rain of new features has been falling on WhatsApp in recent days. Today WABetaInfo tells us that we will soon be able to send messages to ourselves. It’s silly, but it’s very very useful.

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Premium subscription, possibility to leave a group discreetly, expansion of the number of members to a thousand: WhatsApp is accelerating the pace of its updates, and that’s good. The service is testing a silly but extremely useful feature. Beta testers of WhatsApp version for Android and version on iOS can, as the feature name suggests, send messages to themselves. This is certainly already possible, but you have to go through some too tedious manipulations (you must in particular have created a link) for the general public to execute them.

This is the kind of situation that has happened to everyone. Who, in fact, has never sent a link by SMS or even by email, for lack of being able to remember or save it easily? Or even, if you use WhatsApp on multiple devices, which is often the case, have you ever dreamed of share files or memos with yourself to find them more easily? This will be possible very soon. Some users would already have access to this feature, which proves that it should be deployed shortly.

WhatsApp will allow you to write to yourself or even share files with yourself

To access it, just go either in the contact list or in the chat list. If you have not yet created a conversation with yourself, you will have to go through Contacts to create one, and if you have already started a discussion with yourself, it will be easy to recognize in the discussion list. It will be the only one with a “Message yourself” caption.

The main competitor of WhatsApp is iMessage, the application natively installed on all iPhones. On October 18, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, paid iMessage through a well-felt spade. According to him, WhatsApp is “much more private and secure” than Apple’s application. If the tycoon is not wrong on the merits, it should also be remembered that with Facebook and Instagram, WhatsApp is the application most targeted by hackers, by far.

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