When And Where To Watch CS:GO Paris Major 2023

There is no denying that among the most eagerly anticipated events in the CS:GO community is the Major. Qualifying for this prestigious event after winning their respective regions is undoubtedly a major accomplishment for any team. 

The Major will be run by this year, and it will be held in Paris, France for the first time, which only heightens the anticipation. Thankfully, there are several ways for game fans to watch the tournament live, including live broadcasts, online streaming, and offline access for the final series. A thorough breakdown of all the options for following the competition is provided below.

Brief Intro & Format

As of writing, the open and closed qualifiers for the upcoming CS:GO Major have recently concluded. Moving forward, the csgo next tournament will consist of online RMR qualifiers for participants from six respective regions, taking place from April 3-13. These regions include:

  • European RMRs – with 18 teams from qualifiers, held in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Americas RMRs – for SA and NA, with 14 teams from qualifiers, taking place in Monterrey, Mexico.
  • Asia RMRs – including Middle East, Asian, Oceania, and China, with 8 teams from qualifiers, taking place in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

After the RMR qualifiers, a total of 24 teams will advance to the initial phase of the main event – the Challengers stage. As the tournament progresses, teams will compete in various brackets until only two remain to compete in the Grand Finals and earn the title of champion. Here is a breakdown.

The Challengers Stage

The first segment of the event will take place from May 8-11. During this phase, the participating teams compete in promotion and elimination matches which follow a Bo3 format, with all other matches being Bo1.

The stakes are high during the Challengers Stage as the top eight teams with the highest points qualify for the Legends Stage. The remaining teams are eliminated from the competition.

The Legends Stage

This phase, which is scheduled to begin on May 13 and end on May 16, will feature 16 top-performing teams from the previous segment. During the legends stage, competitors will compete in a Swiss-Match format, with the same rules as the initial stage. 

Therefore, the top eight ranked teams from this stage will qualify for the tournament final, while the other eight will be eliminated from the competition.

The Champions Stage

The last stage of the event will follow a single-elimination bracket format, with all matches being played as Bo3. It is scheduled to commence on May 18 and wrap up on May 21, respectively.

Where to Watch the Tournament

Once you know the structure and key dates of the upcoming Major, the following resources can assist you in keeping up with the event.

Online Access

One option is, which not only hosts the contest, but also serves as a streaming platform, event hub, and gaming destination. Watching the Paris Major stream on will provide you with unique features and exclusive content not available anywhere else.

However, if this is not your preferred option, the stream will also be available on Twitch and YouTube via BLAST’s official channels.

Offline in Paris

As expected, there is also an option to experience the Paris Major in-person. Tickets for the upcoming final series can now be purchased through the official website, which offers four different package options:

  • 4 Day (May 18-21): prices range from €170 for 5 Lower to €255 for 1 Floor.
  • Weekend (May 20-21): prices range from €100 for 5 Lower to €145 for 1 Floor.
  • Thursday (May 18): prices range from €35 for 5 Lower to €55 for 1 Floor.
  • Friday (May 19): prices range from €35 for 5 Lower to €55 for 1 Floor.

How to Purchase the Tickets

Tickets for the Paris Major can be purchased from a separate website, but the process is similar. Simply follow the steps below to quickly book your tickets.

  1. Visit the official website of in your browser 
  2. Scroll down the page and click on “Buy your tickets here” 
  3. Choose the desired ticket package and click on “Book” 
  4. Select your preferred seat category 
  5. Tap the plus (+) button
  6. Click on “Book” 
  7. Proceed to the checkout window to complete your purchase

It is worth noting that the final of the CS:GO Paris Major will be held at the Accor Arena, and users who purchase tickets through the official platform will also be able to watch it live.

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