When art becomes music. This is the frame with speaker from Ikea and Sonos, Symfonisk

Ikea Symfonisk box speaker detail

When we talk about speakers, we all think that it has to be simply a device that emits good sound and that has a more or less correct aesthetic. But in this case, Ikea has been working on some speakers for some time that go beyond being simple speakers and If you add the sound quality of Sonos to Ikea’s work, you take a product really different from everything you can find in the market.

In this case we have been able to test a speaker that does not really look like a speaker, it is more of a box. The Ikea Symfonisk offers the possibility of listening to music on a speaker with a different design than the usual ones, it is a box that emits music. This Wi-Fi speaker box is in the line of Ikea Symfonisk products, like the table lamp or the shelf presented a few months ago.

Connecting the Symfonisk box
Connect Symfonisk

The best thing about these speakers is that they connect directly via Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi can also be connected to other Sonos speakers. This process that may seem complicated to carry out is really simple and anyone can do it.

Surely many of you already have an Apple speaker or directly a Sonos and in this case the new Ikea box / speaker offers the same connection simplicity as these speakers, offering the user the possibility of connecting the speaker together with others already available on the same Wi-Fi network.

The Symfonisk frame and speaker can be used as the single source of sound in a room or connect with other devices from the SYMFONISK range or other Sonos signature speakers. Like the lamp and bookshelf that inaugurated the range, this new speaker is also part of the Sonos system.

As always in this case, being a Sonos speaker, the one that is integrated into the frame must be use the Sonos app to manage the rest of the connected speakers or simply to configure them. Here is the Sonos app that is completely free.

Sonos (AppStore Link)

Sound quality, power and design

Symfonisk Ikea box speaker

When we talk about the Sonos signature speakers, we have no doubt that the audio quality is assured. In this case, the painting may seem more like a decoration product than anything else, but really the sound it emits is of the highest quality and power. The audio part is undoubtedly the most important for many users, but getting that in addition to good audio you have a different and innovative design makes the Ikea frame a really interesting pack.

For those who have other products in the Symfonisk range, we can say that the sound quality becomes the same as that of the lamp or the shelf previously launched. It is a very good audio quality considering the dimensions of this frame and especially its design. This is not a speaker for a party but it can clearly enliven your living room with good music and also surprise visitors or family members who pay you a visit.

Today the sale of the painting in stores begins

Symfonisk Ikea box speaker

The Swedish firm offers for sale from today July 15, 2021 the Sonos speaker box in all its stores and of course in the online store. In this case, the company had reservations open for all those users who would like to have this speaker box with Wi-Fi connectivity available from today.

According to the report Life at Home by IKEA, 60% of those surveyed believe that music is the most important ingredient to create the right atmosphere at home and that is why they are looking for a way to bring this music with decorative elements. IKEA together with Sonos recognize the importance of sound and the positive effect it has on domestic life, so it seems that they will continue to work on this aspect for a few years.

Physical buttons and plug need

Buttons Speaker box Symfonisk Ikea

The frame again from the back, being on one side and fully accessible several buttons. Among them the volume buttons, to raise and lower the volume from the frame itself and to stop and play the music. In this case, they are in an accessible place and the user will not have problems reaching them. We recommend that you better use the control from the Sonos app, but the manual option is also possible thanks to these physical buttons.

Logically, being a speaker, it requires a connection to the electrical current and in this case the cable that it adds is long enough to reach a plug but it is undoubtedly the negative part of the box since although it is true it has many slots through which we can pass the cable in the back without pinching it, the cable is seen most of the time when we hang it on the wall. That’s where your ingenuity comes in a bit to hide it or use this painting on top of a physical table so that it is not seen. It is not at all a negative thing since the cable is white and most of the walls also, but who does not like the exposed cables will have to think of something to hide this.

Symfonisk frame dimensions

Symfonisk Ikea box speaker

We have to take this aspect into account since you may want to place the frame in a specific place in your living room, bedroom, room or similar. The Symfonisk has measurements similar to those of a large painting, although it is true that its weight is somewhat higher than that of a normal frame due to the built-in speaker inside. The exact measurements are:

  • Width: 41 cm
  • Height: 57 cm
  • Depth: 6 cm
  • Cable length: 350 cm

It is important to use the clamping methods the painting is added if we are going to put it on a table or if we are going to hang it on the wall. In the first case, the company adds a tape so that it does not fall in case of vibrations and at the bottom sign of some rubber buffers that make it not slip. The rubber bumpers can be positioned in different ways allowing the user to position the painting vertically, horizontally or directly on the wall.

For those who don’t know Sonos yet

Sonos Symfonisk Ikea box speaker

Sonos is one of the most valuable speaker companies in the world. As the inventor of the Multi-room home audio experience, Sonos innovation helps you listen better by giving people access to the content they love and allowing them to control it how and from where they want.

Known for offering a excellent sound experienceWith thoughtful design aesthetics, simplicity of use, and an open platform, Sonos makes audio content at its best available to all. Sonos headquarters are in Santa Barbara, California

The frame with WiFi speaker is priced at 199 euros It is made of 100% polyester and ABS plastic and has two colors available in black and white. You can buy different frames to our liking for this curious speaker each of them has a price of 16 euros and all this available from today in physical stores and on the online web.

Editor’s opinion

Ikea Symfonisk speaker frame
  • Editor’s rating
  • 5 star rating



  • Frame design
  • Speaker audio quality
  • Two finishes in white or black


  • Difficult to hide the cable if you put it on the wall

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