When can Batman be seen on HBO Max?

Finally a Batman that seems to be exploring the detective facet of the Dark Knight, and finally reasons to be excited again, after the passage, without much pain or glory, of Ben Affleck for the role.

That it’s not his fault, it’s true, but that’s past. Robert Pattinson puts on the cape and on March 4 we will be able to see the result in theaters.

But, and on HBO Max?

Warner Bros is the owner of the platform for streaming and announced at the time that all the 2021 films would be released at the same time in theaters in their digital version on HBO Max.

Well, if you were hoping to get rid of those who don’t shut up, eat popcorn with their mouths open or don’t put down their cell phones and dazzle you at the movies, forget it.

There will be no simultaneous premiere and you have to wait, how long?

The release date of The Batman on HBO Max

That Warner-HBO strategy of day and date and premiere at the same time in cinema and at home. The company already announced at the end of last year how things were going to go from now on. This is what Christina Sulebakk said, general manager of the platform in Europe.

“HBO Max will make Warner Bros movies are available on the platform 45 days after of its theatrical release.

The good thing is, if plans don’t change, that also applies to its division in Spainso you can enjoy batman on HBO Max on Monday, April 18, 2022.

Let’s see, what that’s the theory and, for the moment, it seems that it is going to be fulfilled. Don’t worry, if they upset us that it’s not like that, we’re going to rant right here and you’ll find out.

And what happened to the simultaneous release strategy?

Well, apparently it didn’t work as expected. It is true that they did not get their fingers caught and they always said that they were going to be the 2021 movies, as in a kind of test.

During it, only two Warner Bros titles exceeded 100 million dollars in grosses in theaters, Godzilla vs Kong Y dunesso they have a bad taste in their mouths, because they should not have compensated for the increase in subscriptions to HBO Max to see them.

The same thing has happened to Marvel with Disney Plus, so at least they’re not alone in that. The mixed premiere strategies do not seem to be giving much results at the moment, despite pandemics and the increase in online content consumption that has taken place.

Now, all that remains is to wait for them to comply and on April 18 the Dark Knight descends on HBO Max that day. Monday, ugh.

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