When do the Black Friday deals start on Steam, Epic, and GOG?

We have just started a very special week for many, both sellers and buyers. We refer to the week of Black Friday, a time of year full of offers in which both benefit from each other. Here we are going to focus on some of the main pc game stores such as Steam, Epic and GOG.

It goes without saying that these have served us for years to buy our favorite titles, download them automatically and start enjoying them right away. This method differs greatly from the one we used only a few years ago, which made us go to our nearest store or a large area to buy the games. Perhaps the great reference in this sector is represented by the steam store with a very high product catalog.

However, it is not the only proposal of this type that we can use today. We find many others such as the aforementioned Epic Games Store or GOG, among others. How could it be otherwise, these game stores are also going to present us with a series of offers that we can take advantage of these days. Actually, the Black friday is celebrated on next Friday, November 26, but many stores, both physical and online, take advantage of these days to offer us certain discounts.

There are shops that have been offering these offers for days, while others will start in a few hours, or wait until Friday the 26th itself. However, for those interested in taking advantage of these offers is games throughout this period, we are going to help you. With this we want to tell you that below we will talk about the dates of start of these Black Friday 2021 sales for the aforementioned online stores.

Start of Black Friday on Steam, Epic and GOG

As we have mentioned before, the most used and widespread platform of this type in the world is the popular Steam from Valve. This account has several designated dates to offer offers to its millions of users. At the moment we are in one of them, the commented Black Friday, so many are waiting not to let it escape. Well, we will tell you that this sales season It will start on this platform on November 24 and will last until the 30th. From all this it is deduced that they will be a few days of great activity in terms of buying games on the platform.

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The same will happen in the official store called Epic Games Store, which also has planned celebrate these days of sales for the enjoyment of your customers. Therefore, here we can confirm that the offers corresponding to Black Friday 2021 will begin on November 26. These will be extended a few days so that we can benefit from all these on sale, so they will end on December 3.

To finish, we will tell you that as regards the GOG PC gaming platform, is currently in a Pre Black Friday sale period. This means that you can already enjoy some of their significant discounts on games. However, the best ones will probably arrive on the 25th or 26th of this week.

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