When does each chapter of Moon Knight premiere?

the moon knight is the next series Marvel Studios which will debut on Disney Plus. And, although the character is unknown to many, the trailer that we could see a few weeks ago left us wanting more. The series has dark overtones and its plot is far removed from the current concept of a Marvel hero. Go get a pen and paper, because these are the release dates each and every one of Moon Knight episodes on Disney+.

Moon Knight prepares his arrival at Disney +

Moon Knight is just around the corner, and this new series starring oscar isaac promises both for the quality of the production and for the performance of the Guatemalan. Unlike other Marvel heroes, Moon Knight doesn’t undergo the typical transformation we see in other franchises. Isaac plays Steven Grant, a man who works in a store and who You think you have a sleep disorder. This will produce hallucinationsto such an extent that he ends up tying himself to his bed.

During these moments of paranoia, Steven is not always addressed by name. He will soon realize that whatand really suffer is from a multiple Personality Disorder, and who shares his body with a mercenary, who is called Marc Specter.

When the two identities begin to study each other, they both converge on Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the Moon, the same one that will deliver the powers to Moon Knight. If all goes well, Disney and Oscar Isaac will fill the hole he has left in our hearts. Mr Robot, only changing the lines of code for Egyptian inscriptions.

When will we be able to see the episodes of Moon Knight?

The first season of Moon Knight is going to be made up of a total of six episodes. The first episode of the series will premiere on March 30th. The following episodes will be released weekly, and you can see the dates in the following list that we show you below:

  • Episode 1: Wednesday, March 30th
  • Episode 2: Wednesday, 6 of April
  • Episode 3: Wednesday, April 13th
  • Episode 4: Wednesday April 20th
  • Episode 5: Wednesday April 27
  • Episode 6: Wednesday May 4th

Therefore, the series will be broadcast in a period of one month and five days. If you want to see the complete series from the first day without the risk of suffering a spoilersyou will have to pay two months of Disney Plus If you are one of those who register and unsubscribe from the services of streaming depending on the catalog of each month.

The Moon Knight will arrive much earlier than other superhero series announced for this year 2022. mr marvel It does not yet have an announced date, but it is estimated that will arrive at least in July. We also do not know the exact date on which it will be released. she-hulkanother of the great Marvel Studios projects planned for Disney Plus in this year 2022. There were rumors that it would also be released in March, but Disney has not yet published no specific date for the series.

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